Lacking gift ideas? That is where Pipi comes in...

This is a Gift Ideas site to help you find that perfect gift (may I add without costing a bomb).


Getting the perfect gift in Singapore is expensive and confusing. So, here we provide this gift suggestions portal, i.e. Pipi would highlight things and deeds that you can do either for free or near to free in our little Singapura.

**No worries, non-Singaporeans, no need to click away, being multi-racial and a melting pot of so many culture, there would be useful ideas for you in finding that gift. ______________________________________________________________________

Gift ideas is really about the overall experience rather than the gift itself. Thus, simple handmade gifts at the right time can deliver a better impact than an expensive gift at the wrong time.

Of course websites have make is so easy. You can if you so want, find the perfect Easter gifts for all your family this year at, and have it delivered to your house, even though you are in Singapore!

Whether it is unique corporate gifts for them, unique anniversary gifts for her or even some homemade boyfriend gift ideas. In the end,it is about the "delivery", the atmosphere behind that present that makes the impact.


And because of that, we believe that novelty gifts or even personalized gift do not need to have astronomical numbers (i.e. expensive) and with this site, we hope you can:

-Give unique Christmas gifts without spending all of your 13th Month Bonus

-Find some unusual wedding gifts without shopping in Orchard Road or Paragon (expensive siah!)

-Give creative gifts that would improve your relationship with your loved ones without you bursting your credit card limit

-Maybe even do your own gifts for kids and have a great bonding time with them, no worries about expensive gadgets (you know Wii, play station are oh so expensive and not good for the eyes..)

-Of course, family starts with a couple, and we do have quite some ideas for you to prepare romantic gifts for her

-And for Missy, you would also find interesting ideas to give unique gifts to men. get the point, delivering the unique gift experience without hurting your wallet (we know how weak they are, especially at this point in time, many are dying or dead!)

We would supply all the ideas and also collate ideas from various sources to assist you in achieving all that and more, all you need to do is to execute it!


Would stop here and let you go about finding your gifts for your love ones -wish you well and may whoever that receives your gifts receives peace, joy and love.

We have lay it into various sections, hope you can find something you need. If not, simply buzz us and pipi together with the team would personally come out with a gift idea just for you! ______________________________________________________________________

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