The 1st year anniversary gifts package to touch hearts

When I talk about delivery 1st year anniversary gifts, I am not talking about choosing between FedEx or ups, I am talking about how the gift ultimately reach your partner.

In unique anniversary gifts, we talk about how you can make use of materials associated to each wedding anniversary to give gifts. In this manner, it is easy to remember every year anniversary gifts and also easier to look for gifts.

So, for the first year anniversary gifts, it would have something to do with paper. If you decided that you want to go along the line of giving rings, so one of your 1st anniversary gifts has to be a paper ring.

That is the easy part. The tough part of 1st year anniversary gifts is the managing of expectation. I am probably talking more to the guys, because they are the ones planning such stuff.


To make it memorable, we would make use of two elements here. The first is collective power, the second is technology. There are bound to be some important people that assist in your wedding one year ago.

What you need to do is to tape down their blessing and thoughts for both of you as a young couple. Try to collect recordings of between 5-6 of each 1-2 minute clip.

Use any video maker and convert it into a normal video file.

Then using the still images of these video clips, create a simple word document with snippets of their blessings. Arrange the whole set up into a A3 format. This is for you to print and make into a card.

Insert your thoughts and love message into the document, buy a good paper, print and fold it into a card.

The very 1st anniversary gifts on that day is to send your partner that video clip and also a message on where you would celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

This would build up the excitement. When she comes to the venue, pass her the card and your "paper" themed present and I can assure you that the overall set up would melt her heart.

Feel free to use it wholesale or change it to suit your situation. The drag about this is if you use it for 1st year anniversary gifts, you cannot use it for 5th year anniversary gifts.

So, to learn more about gift ideas and even doing some handmade gifts (this is best way to touch love ones), sign up with our pipilogy now...

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