Non-traditional 50th Birthday Gifts

Planning special 50th birthday gifts or to celebrate an upcoming 50th birthday in a more unique way? Do you want to break away from the traditional way of celebrating? That means looking for ideas that will allow you to give birthday gifts that aren’t limited to tradition and culture?

In Singapore, for instance, usual 50th birthday gifts will consist of red packets, or rectangular envelopes with designs used for holding money as gifts, and a bountiful Chinese dinner, consisting of shark fins, abalone, and a bird’s nest.

However, the problem with settling into traditional ways of celebrating significant occasions is that it’s too much of a routine; thus, at times, losing its significant meaning, especially if it’s widely and often used in your country. What other great 50th birthday gifts can we give?


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First of all, surprise your loved one with a non-traditional celebration. Instead of celebrating the 50th birthday in a fancy restaurant, bring your loved one to a place he or she frequents, whether it’s a tea house, coffee shop, or a community center.

Let your loved one’s dearest friends and dearest relatives know about it and make sure that they’re at hand to surprise him or her. Your loved one will be pleasantly surprised, as he or she gets to celebrate a once in a lifetime event with the people who matter most. It’s a simple celebration, but it’s much more meaningful and personally endearing.

During the celebration, another great 50th birthday gift to add is to give something that brings a strong nostalgic feeling. For example, you can do this by setting up a slideshow of the pictures of your loved one.

Gather the old and new pictures, set up a slideshow, and from the end result, your loved one can share and relive both treasured and forgotten memories for the past 50 years with those present at the celebration. While the slideshow is being presented, you can also play songs that would be appropriate to the current pictures that are displayed.

For instance, while the childhood pictures are being shown, you can use a popular song during those years. While the adolescent pictures are being shown, you can use your loved one’s favorite song while he or she was growing up.

While the wedding pictures are being shown, you can use your loved one’s favorite love song. Not only does this bring a nostalgic feeling, but this is a concrete way for everyone to celebrate and share in the past 50 years that your loved one has lived.

If you want to give a more tangible 50th birthday gift, give your loved one some of his or her favorite things. It could be a favorite book that your loved one doesn’t own anymore.

It could be a copy of your loved one’s favorite movie. It could also be an album of your loved one’s favorite musical artist. You can also prepare your loved one’s favorite food, especially if it’s not readily available in the market.

Hopefully, these ideas have helped you think of other ways to celebrate an upcoming 50th birthday in a more non-traditional and creative way.

Sometimes celebrating once in a lifetime occasions in a traditional way becomes tedious and monotonous; therefore, it’s important to come up with ways to make those celebrations more special, meaningful, and memorable for our loved ones.


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