Customized Chocolates and Candies for your love ones?

If you are looking for customized chocolates and candies in Singapore, we should be the only one that can assist in that.

Look at our customized chocolates range below, and if it is do not fit your idea, you can always call us and we can tailor made one for you...

Boy and Girl

Perfect as a wedding favor, a bride and groom complete with your name or lovey dovey decide how you want to portray yourselves...

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Sweet talk

An economical and unique way to send quality chocolates to friends. You have a canvas to tell a story, showcase your artistic skill, showoff your glamour shots etc etc

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Tic Tat Toe

A gift for your love one that bring back fond memories and allow you to create new memories.

A board game using chocolates as pawns...

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How are you today?

Heard of the saying "always look on the bright side of life"? "How about what is eating you today?" when you are feeling down?

Now we let you eat up your ugly feelings, leaving only the happy ones.

The daily calendar is the perfect gift for chocolate lovers that want to feel good everyday!

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Childhood memories

This is for folks that wants a walk down memory lane. Crossword puzzles, five stones, connect the dots etc.

Lead your love ones down memory lane with this exclusive game book and customized chocolate

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If you are one of those folks that wanted something special rather than a photographs for your gift, we provide:

-caricature rendering-illustration-comic drawing

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