How are you? Hope you are well and I hope that there are some stuff here that you can use to better your relationship with your love ones. This ezine is an extension of pipi gift ideas main site, here would contain stuff that I cannot insert into the site.

The main section would be the handmade gifts idea that would is for you to download, for this issue it is a free ebook on origami, in the coming issue, you can expect to find bear making, cake making and so on.

In the second section, I would share stuff that I come across that would assist in enhancing that gift giving experience or it is simply a great gift. In this issue, I am recommending a guitar learning package

Pipilogy last section is a fun section that you can share with your love ones so that dinner would not be just another dinner date. Read on to learn what I meant by that.

That is all folks, till the next issue, I wished you well and hope that peace, joy and love be with you always

yours truly,

Mr Pipi

This issue handmade gifts -origami

Have you at one time or another wished that you can churn out some gifts because you have forgotten about some special occasions, or you need to remedy some situations?

That is where origami comes in. Used it to compliment a story you are telling, make it into a gift to salvage situation or a simple surprise on a normal day.

I have selected a 10 pretty easy to do designs. I hope this would bring you hours of fun and assist in you to better relationship with your love ones.

Download your ebook at:

Free Handmade gifts Download-July 2009

Password: pipi0709

Good stuff to check out

I always think it is cool to sing to love ones. The easiest way is to strum on guitar and belt out some oldies or love songs...But, I did not know how to play guitar, and I probably only want to play that "Say you, say me" only, so would not want to spend months learning.

That is why I think this Learn Guitar with $50 is so cool.

There even have some free courses you can take without spending any money. So, do check it out when you are free!

A reason for you to give gifts -everyday is a holiday.

Why do you give gifts? Because I missed you or because I was thinking of you is just so boring...So, I created a corner where you can use the interesting holidays for that month to give gifts!

July has plenty of fun occasion to celebrate. You can invite you love ones to eat some hot dog because July is the hot dog month where they celebrate hot dogs!!

If you want to be real healthy, then have a baked bean feast with your love ones because it is also the baked bean month!! Or, you can simply gift wrapped a can of baked beans to surprise a love one!

Trust me, no one in their entire life have received a can of baked beans has a gift!

Hope this little trivias bring you some hours of fun and laughter!

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