A Story About Two Valentines Day Gifts

by Doug

My girlfriend told me a story of how her friend received one of the most romantic Valentines Day gifts. What her boyfriend did was he surprised her by giving her two gifts separately. The first gift was a teddy bear, which is a very generic and impersonal gift, and it made her feel disappointed and angry. Her boyfriend knew that she was getting angry because of the gift, but it was all going according to his plan. While they were preparing dinner at her house hours after she received the teddy bear, he asked her to get a couple of plates for him in the cupboard. When she opened the cupboard, she was wondering why there was a gift sitting inside it. She realized that the gift was for her, and when she opened it, she was pleasantly surprised. What was inside was a handbag that she saw in a store, which she liked very much but she could not afford at the time. So you see, there are other ways to surprise your girlfriend or wife during Valentines Day.

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