Who or what is pipi?


Solutions are usually borne out of need. Pipi gift ideas was created because we cannot find a site that dispense REAL gift ideas. Google gift ideas and what you get are "stuff", most if not all are shopping sites.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with buying stuff, but are you sure buying more diamonds for that Missy or many expensive watches for Mr would better your relationship.

Here, in pipi gift ideas, we show you how to better the entire experience of gift giving, and give a new dimension to Gift Ideas...

Meet the team: pipi-gift-ideas-prophet25
Prophet25 -Founded the site somewhere around 2009 (was always asked when pipi gift ideas was lost, but was never able to provide an answer). The leader of the pack and the craziest of them all! His greatest wish is to be the "hallmark" of gift ideas...


Dragoneze -Creator of Mr Pipi, so if you want to say anything unkind about pipi, think twice, don't you think such a fierce nick might spell trouble? The chief illustrator behind all the graphics, turn ideas to eye pleasing stuff.

pipi-gift-ideas-lifedreamer Lifedreamer -Some girls dream about romance, our dear gal get paid for thinking about it! Our chief dreamer, her job is to think about any unusual gifts, and make it into beautiful gift ideas...


Anaya -Her job title spell, pulse watcher. An extremely fashionable lady, she knows about almost all the latest gifts and gadgets there are in the market. Yes, basically she draw a pay for window shopping and surfing the net!

Yin -Ms "help me". She is our admin, our lunch packer, light bulb changer, dinner pal, gossip khaki, she is basically the one that you would approached for any type of help...

Keep a look out for this page, as our site grow, so would our strength, we are already in the midst of recruiting, lawyers, doctors, fitness coach, pilot, chauffeurs, and plenty of security personnel. Follow-pipi

We know Mr Pipi would become a celebrity, and what type of celebrity goes around without a full entourage of the above right?! So, follow me on twitter and see when I would start employing them!!

After about a year in service, Pipi Gift ideas welcome a new member: Wonder G.

Her sole purpose is to destroy Monster pessimism, the sort that cause people to be gloomy, sad, dejected, sullen, basically not looking happy.

With her liveliness, infectious smile, she would use her weapon of choice to defeat all Monsters that would suck the positiveness out of people.

Her weapon of choice? Hope and Joy. Follow her adventure on Facebook and be joyful!:)

Joy and fun is what Pipi Gift ideas is all about. How can one be looking for gifts and have a heavy heart?

So, we recruited Wonderful G to be part of our team to set people in the right mood for gift giving, even gift searching.

You need to be in a joyous mood to come out with good gift ideas! So, follow Wonderful G and hmm...break a smile.

Psst...rumor has it that she is related to prophet25...

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