Best Birthday Gifts to give While You’re Away

Looking for a way to give the best birthday gifts to a close friend or a loved one while you’re away? Just because you’re away doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no way to give a memorable birthday present.

And that doesn’t mean that you have to buy and ship something extravagant, either. Giving birthday gifts while you’re away really shows the person you’re giving it to how them how important they are to you.

First of all, you can use technology. For instance, use the webcam. If you’re musically gifted, sing their favorite song on their birthday while you’re chatting on the web with them. If you know how to edit and splice video files on the computer, you can make a video diary.


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Make an account of what you have experienced while you’re away. Ask your new friends and strangers on the street to greet your loved one a happy birthday. Edit and splice them together.

Then you can either send the file to your loved one on their birthday, or upload it to youtube or another video hosting site and send the link to your loved one on their birthday.

Take advantage of technology to cut the distance that separates you from your loved one. Send the best birthday gifts in the form of files and internet packets that can span the great distances that separate you from your loved one.

If these tools aren’t in your disposal, don’t fret. You can still give a great birthday gift; but to make it really special, you have to plan and act ahead of time.

Make a homemade greeting card, telling your loved one that although you’re in a distant place, your best thoughts and prayers are with them. Use your creativity and design it anyway you like.

Or you can buy something for them if you already have something special in mind. Or, you could do both. Now, you have to choose who is going to hold onto it for the time being until the special day itself.

It could be a common friend, their parents, or one of their close relatives. Your loved one will be truly flattered and thrilled not only because of the gift itself, but also on the thought and planning that went into the gift and how it made its way to them despite you being away.

The last alternative to do if you can’t act upon the day of your loved one’s birthday itself while you’re away is to make up for it once you get back. Surprise your loved one with a spontaneous birthday celebration of your own.

Treat your loved one to a movie, dinner, or any activity that you know they would like. Or, you can give a special gift, whether it’s a homemade gift or it may even be something that you bought or made while you were away. Since you weren’t physically present during the actual birthday celebration, let your loved one have a personal celebration with you.

Remember, there are so many ways to give gifts while you’re away. Giving birthday gifts is one of the ways we show our dearest friends and relatives how much they are important to us. Just because you’re separated by long distances doesn’t mean that they can’t receive the best birthday gifts from you.


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