Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in General

Have problem with birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend? Women, in general, love to receive romantic gifts. It’s not about the fancy clothes or the fancy accessories; anything simple, but romantic will suffice and will make a great gift.

However, the problem is that if you haven’t been together that long, finding the right item to give can get particularly daunting. The key, though, to giving a great gift is to come up with a very creative idea.

As with any gift, whether it’s of a romantic nature or not, it’s not about the item itself, but the thought and effort that you put into it.

Birthday Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

Here are some tips on how to come up with birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. The first thing that you should do is to find out the things she’s really into. Women give hints all the time.


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The problem is that men are generally dense and don’t realize that the hints are actually there for us to use. For instance, she has probably raved to you about a romantic novel that she has just finished reading.

Have you taken the time to find out the name of the author and if he has written other novels? Do you know what her favorite flower is? She must have told you a story before which explains why it is her favorite flower.

Do you know her favorite romantic song? All these simple details about your girlfriend are crucial and can help you make your gift more romantic.

Here are a few birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend that you can use with the simple details given above.

• Look for another novel from the same author, whose novel she raved about. Before giving it, take a little time to read it, so that you can actually join in on the discussion when she talks about it in the future.

This shows that you took the time to get into one of her interests. Then, do something creative with the book so that it becomes a truly romantic gift.

Remember her favorite flower? Just take one flower, and have it pressed if it’s possible. Insert it between two pages within the book, along with a love letter. This is a simple gift that has a surprise hidden within it.

• If you’re musically talented, this is one of the best times to show your skills! You can either sing or play her favorite romantic song.

Whether it’s on the piano, the guitar, and the saxophone, among others, this is a gift that she will never forget. Seriously, not everyone can sing well or play a musical instrument. Furthermore, this is a one of a kind gift that only you can give to her.

Birthday Gift Ideas for your Wife

Similarly, you can do the same gift ideas for your wife. In addition, you can ask your children to help you out. For instance, ask your kids to help you make a birthday greeting card for her.

Let them design it with their own drawings on the cover, and write their birthday wishes inside. Don’t forget to write yours as well!

• Then surprise her with it in the morning, as you serve breakfast in bed for her. Cook her favorite breakfast. This is a simple gift, but such a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

• Or, you can surprise her with it at work. Ask her colleagues and friends where she’s spending her lunch break, and surprise her there. Also, don’t forget to let her colleagues and friends in on the surprise so they can play along.

Bring along a birthday cake and some party hats. This is a very pleasant surprise for her especially when she’s feeling stressed out at work.

• When she comes home late from work, surprise her with a romantic dinner, which you have prepared. Forget about the fancy restaurants. This is the best way to share a romantic meal in private.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

As always, feel free to use these birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend to give great birthday gifts to your special girl. However, feel free to come up with your own gift ideas as well. Always remember that the key to giving a great gift is not the item itself, but the thought and effort that went into it.


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