2 simple business gift ideas that can bring you business

Business gift ideas too often focus on the bottom line and end out being not remarkable, that is, just another gift. This is both sad and bad. It is sad because in the bid to save a few cents, you would lose the entire investment you have just make!

In cheap corporate gifts, I touched on how you can grow your business in the B2C situation. Here, I would highlight 2 simple business gift ideas that you can delve deeper in a B2B business scenario.


The most common corporate gift ideas are diaries. If possible, do not even bother doing them. Spend a few more dollars per customers and you can make some great collectibles that your customer would look forward to.

Pirelli for example has a yearly calendar of beautiful girls that everyone in the market is talking about. Do a calender or a collection sets that is for your customers

Nestle Singapore has a paper weight that is shaped like a Seasoning bottle, it is so popular that many of their customers want to pay money for it.

They do not have to but you can imagine that these unique corporate gifts would open a lot of avenues to discuss new business for the sales personnel.

Celebrity premiums

I cannot explain this phenomenon, but people are just gravitated to celebrities and many companies are using to a good measure. It used to be hotels and club house, but now many product launches are done in cinemas.

And of course, many of your business associates wants to get their hands on those premier tickets that offers them an opportunity to see their favorites celebrities.

With business gift ideas such as this, you would get prospects looking for you instead of you looking for them!

Most companies missed the point about giving gifts and embark less than stellar corporate gift ideas. Let me do the sums for you, imagine if you spend $1 on a cheap gift and save $1 and deliver no result -you lose that dollar and get branded as low class.

You spend that $2, you get customers hounding you for that remarkable gift and your reputation is sealed as a company that give good gifts with potential of getting more business, now, which one make more business sense?

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