Classic Candy Gifts for Children

Candy gifts for children are some good gift ideas for them. When it comes to candy gifts, most of us would think of buying chocolates, Gummi Bears, and other candies and confectioneries that would satisfy our desires for something sweet.

However, have you though about making candies for children? Making candy gifts for children is surprisingly easy.

Furthermore, making candies yourself costs significantly less than going out to buy a bag or box of sweets in a candy store or bake shop. On top of that, you can give candies to both children and grownups for almost any occasion.

For example, you can give homemade candies and sweets as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even as corporate gifts to your colleagues at work.


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One fun idea when making candy gifts for children is to use marzipan. Marzipan is a sweet and very pliable mixture of almond paste and sugar which you can mold, cut, and roll into any shape that you like.

In other words, molding marzipan is like playing with clay. It is very easy to prepare and very fun to shape and mold into various shapes and figures.

Ideally, marzipan candy can be bought from bake shops and candy stores. However, if you want to give a child one of the most special gifts that they will receive during their childhood, try to make marzipan candy yourself.

To make marzipan, mix a two to one ratio of almond paste and sugar with a wet substance such as water, corn syrup, or egg whites. While mixing the almond paste and sugar, slowly add corn syrup until the mixture starts to have a dough-like consistency.

Once the mixture starts to get sticky, add some powdered sugar like you would add flour to dough when it gets too sticky. With some food coloring and some imagination, you can form the marzipan into shapes and figures that the child will recognize and love.

For example, if you’re making marzipan candy for a child who is going to preschool, mold the marzipan into either letters or numbers to make a fun and educational candy gift.

Mold the marzipan into the letters of the child’s name, and then, tell the child to arrange the letters to spell out his or her name before the treat can be consumed.

Or, you can also create simple mathematical problems with marzipan. For example, mold marzipan into 1 + 1 = ?. Once the child is able to answer the question, the marzipan can be consumed as a prize.

If you’re up to the task, you can also mold the marzipan into the child’s favorite animals, objects, or cartoon characters. This requires a lot more patience and delicate handling to form the figures accurately.

However, if you get it just right, the child will be happy to get such a special present.

Making homemade candy gifts for children are just one of the few cheap gifts that you can give that can impart such a special feeling.

Furthermore, the attention, time, and care that you have poured into making the candy reflect on how much you care for the person. Therefore, when you’re making a candy gift, always have the recipient of the gift in mind.


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