How cheap corporate gifts brings money for you?

Most companies thought of cheap corporate gifts as a necessary evil. No choice, once a year, everyone is giving out corporate gifts, they would have to do the same thing too.

And that is the main reason, why they are not doing any personalized gifts, but getting really cheap corporate gifts, not wanting to incur too much costs.

If you are doing what most people are doing with their corporate gift ideas, I have no doubt that this would be an expense to you. But, if you follow the idea that I have highlighted in unique corporate gifts, then you would probably earn some money back with repeat business.

But, that is not enough. Wouldn't it be great if the "no choice" corporate christmas gifts that you are giving out start to generate streams of income.

It is possible, but you must cultivate your lead to become a champion for your business. I would still use the clothing retail shop in Marina Square. It gave out some nice calendar cards and manage to get emails and have people coming back to her shop to redeem the scarf.

With these unusual corporate gifts, you would probably collect a sizable amount of emails. The next step that you would want is to grow your email list, by giving away more free gifts!

Get your list to refer 5 emails to you for a small gift, 10 emails for a bigger gifts. However, you must make it exclusive, only those that have make a purchase at your shop would be entitled to this promotion. And you would only do it, on special occassions.

It might sound complicated, but all you need is some coupon code to differentiate those that make purchase and those that are always taking free gifts.

In this way, people would want to keep staying on your mailing list, as they know other than discounts, from time to time, they would be able to get some free gifts.

Other than a very targeted list, you would also be growing your list with new incoming emails. Sure, you retail shop might be in Marina square, but with emails you now have customers all over Singapore!!

It might be just some cheap corporate gifts, but you can be assured that if you do it right, business would roll bigger and bigger!

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