Christmas gift basket ideas that can be enjoyed by both of you...

If you thought that christmas gift basket ideas is only about giving away -you are so wrong! If you used it as a food basket, if could be turn into a short surprise escapade for you and your love one!

Christmas is a time for giving and one of the most popular gifts is a Christmas gift basket, but what about a delicious Christmas gift? It's no surprise that places with good food are fairly popular on the Christmas holiday.

Who doesn't like to sit down in a quiet place with a nice atmosphere and have some great food? And while this type of Christmas gift is very special it's not very unique, if you are in the mood to be creative this holiday season perhaps you should look into something a bit more spontaneous.


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For instance, making your own Christmas dinner and taking your loved one out to a less crowded or even a secluded spot to give her a romantic evening alone. Now, this is one of those christmas gift basket ideas which you could enjoy with your love one.

It would be simple, make the foods you'd like to take with you, make sure you take precautions to keep them warm and surprise that special someone by perhaps blindfolding them and taking them on a car ride.

Or if you don't have far to go... a nice blindfolded walk! You could also make it into much more than a simple picnic by setting up things ahead of time.

The places that I can think of to implement your christmas gift basket ideas would be Changi or West Coast Beach (if you are in Singapore), these beaches have a lot of undisturbed spot! For instance you could set up a nice picnic spot a a park bench and then collect food from some of your favorite restaurants or stalls and pack them in a basket with thermal foil to keep them warm.

Bring him or her to your "special spot" and set up lunch. It has an even more charming effect when it's a place of sentimental value, such as the place you first met or proposed. The possibilities are virtually endless and limited only to your creativity and that is the beauty of free homemade gift ideas...


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