3 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

For really cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, think about activities that are out of the usual routine. Forget about a nice and fancy dinner, you can always do that any time of the year. Clubbing? That’s not exactly something which you can only do during Christmas.

Still not catching my drift on unique Gift Ideas for Girlfriend that is out of the ordinary? No need to worry, here are three Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend to help you out:

Idea #1

Giving gifts and sharing one’s blessings is perhaps the ultimate Christmas spirit. Why not try being your girl’s own Santa Claus for this year?


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Together with your girl, make a list of her loved ones and prepare presents for them. You can shop together for the gifts, too. Categorize your gift list as follows to make shopping easier: Christmas Gift Ideas for Her: cousins, sister, best friend

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him: Dad, Uncle, Grandfather, brother; and Christmas Gift Ideas for Women: Mom, Grandmother, Aunt etc

I think you get the idea right, it is to segment and shop for everyone if possible!

Then, on Christmas Eve, the two of you would go around town giving the gifts to their proper recipients. Once you’re done with the Santa Claus stint she’ll surely love you more for being so thoughtful, not to mention her family and friends will be thinking that you’re such a sweet guy.

Of course, it might take the whole night so don’t stress yourselves out. Grab something to eat and take a bit of rest when needed.

Idea #2

This is an inexpensive Christmas gift idea that is truly romantic. Prepare some food as in a picnic; cheese, bread, fruits, chips and drinks like juice or soda- stay away from alcohol.

Rent a canoe so the two of you can go to a nearby island; Pulau Ubin, Sister Island, and Coney Island are good choices. Now there’s a Christmas that’s just for the two of you!

Idea #3

Get gastronomically adventurous and go for a crazy-themed dinner. It’s not about trying foreign cuisines like French or Japanese; it’s literally a crazy dinner.

Let’s say your theme is less than 10 people. The two of you will have to scout around town for a place that is less than 10 people to eat. It’s Christmas so a lot of food establishments would be packed with people especially at the Orchard Road or Bugis Junction; don’t waste your time and energy going there.

You’d have a better chance in Bedok or Tampines. Your girlfriend will surely remember it, and she’ll definitely smile when she does remember the curious looks on other people’s faces as the two of you were counting the diners inside the establishment.

These Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend, are just suggestions; you can always come up with your own. What’s important is that you as a boyfriend did everything you can to make Christmas truly special and memorable for your girlfriend.


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