3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Looking at my list, I can already feel the pressure of thinking about Christmas gift ideas for guys in my life. We all know that Christmas gift ideas for Her are easy to come up with because girls like a wide variety of things; Christmas gifts ideas for Him however are quite difficult to conjure since men aren’t really into a lot of fancy stuffs.

First, there’s my husband, then my dad, my brother, some guy friends, guy relatives; we all have quite a bunch of men in life, right? Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for guys can be difficult when you’re clueless to what they like.

Thankfully, I’ve come across a few tricks and tips to help me out. These three guides will surely come in handy when brainstorming for gift ideas for guys:


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Tip # 1. Know his collection.

Guys don’t like a lot of things, but when they do find something they really want, they’re going to collect it. From neckties, to autographed items from a favorite team, even toys of all sorts - model cars, comic books and action figures (some men are really boys by heart); once you know what they’re interested in collecting then you’re on the right track to buying the perfect gift.

Tip # 2. Know what’s missing in his collection.

You already know that he collects comic books but you’re only halfway the journey yet. The next thing to do is find out which issue is he lacking. Guys are very particular when it comes to numbers, he’ll be happy to receive an old issue of his favorite comic book if it’s going to fill an empty space in his treasure trove.

Tip # 3. Take the time to look for what he wants.

Your guy is into collector’s items so that means it’s not that easy to find them; start looking for his gift long before Christmas time. Also, venture away from the usual places you go to for shopping; if you want to find collector’s items then the best place to look for is from other collectors as well. Source your gift in eBay, Etsy and others; a lot of collectors post items from their collections which they would like to trade or sell on such sites.

Looking for collectors items may take a while and they’re not exactly an inexpensive Christmas gift idea, but surely they make great Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend or Christmas gift ideas for guys in general.

Truth is, guys are simple folks and the things they like are also simple. There’s really no need to drain our brains trying to come up with different Christmas gift ideas for guys on a yearly basis. Once you know what they want, I mean really want, then go ahead and give it to him and he’ll be happy to receive it from you year after year.


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