Choose a corporate gift supplier that can bring you sales!

For the longest time, corporate gift supplier like any other suppliers fought on cost. Which company that can provide the corporate gifts at the lowest price would be preferred.

This is because corporate gift items are considered to be expenses, so the lower it is, the better it is. But, as I have highlighted in unique corporate gifts, you want to give and get something back theory. Based on that theory, you would need to rethink the criteria in choosing a corporate gift supplier.

Just a note about cost, do you know that even government are using value based instead of lowest cost to evaluate suppliers. You might be surprised but if you would to read the clause at singapore government procurement sites, GEBIZ, good value is what they used to evaluate suppliers.

Now, if government is using good value as a benchmark, should you not to do the same also?

No matter what is being said here, cost remains important and if you can get a company that fulfills the criteria highlighted here at a reasonable cost -best of both worlds!

What is the different in the selection criteria? While it used to be cost, now you want to look for value. The company that produces any corporate gifts must be able to do it well, nice and have apt copy writing skills.

You have very limited space to get your customers attention. So, the corporate gifts company do a good job in designing to capture attention and the words must create a call to action (response to emails, sign up for twitter) in a matter of seconds and in less than 100 characters.

You would probably find these skill sets in promotional gift supplier rather than your usual bulk selling corporate gift supplier. The former are used to writing promotional messages and designing stuff to capture attention.

So, when you view the profile of your potential corporate gift supplier, do not bother with what gifts they have done, rather, see if they have done any events and the events they have organized and the roles they play.

You would want to employ a company that have handled major outdoor events, or have done merchandising works, the best is of course those that have done direct mailer exercise.

Companies that have done any of the above jobs understand the idea of grabbing attention and then subsequently turning it into your desired call to action.

So, take heed, the next time you look for a company to produce some unique corporate gifts, consider the above before employing them!

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