Corporate Gifts Can be Bought Online

by Ryan
(Quezon City)

A colleague of mine loves music. He used to play in a band professionally, until he decided to take a different career path. He loves to listen to obscure music, which is unknown to most people who listen to mainstream or popular music. In fact, none of his favorite artists' records can be found locally even in the big record stores, and can only be found online. For one of his corporate gifts, I ordered a limited edition album that comes with a DVD, which shows bonus material about the recording of the album and some live performances along with some bonus tracks, of his favorite band. Some of my coworkers and I all chipped in for it, since we all knew that no other gift will top it. Apparently, we were right. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when he unwrapped it, and could not wait to get home to listen to the album as well as to watch the DVD.

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