Craft gift ideas can save your life!

Cannot imagine how craft gift ideas can save lives? Think about it, what would happens when you forget the special occasion of your love ones -especially your wife?

Let's face it, when we're too preoccupied with our daily affairs, we tend to overlook the important occasions that are coming up, such as our loved one's birthday, our anniversary, valentine's day, or another important event.

And sometimes, once we realize that one of these events is only a few days away, we end up panicking because we have nothing planned or prepared for that day. We usually end up thrift spending by buying the first expensive thing gift that we see, which we didn’t really give much thought and consideration into.

We end up buying something that, in hindsight, shouldn't be the gift that we should have given. Or worst of all, we end up being empty-handed, which will surely turn that special day into a bad one.


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This is why it would help to have a few craft gift ideas in hand that would allow us to give a special and unique gift during those unavoidable “last minute” instances.

For example, instead of buying a common last minute gift, such as a bouquet of flowers, why not make flowers yourself? This may seem easier said than done; but in reality, it doesn’t take up too much of your time at all.

There are numerous ways of making handcrafted flowers; and there are numerous websites that show in detail how to make them. It usually consists of using colorful paper, such as scrapbook paper, some pipe cleaners, some glue, and perfume.

You start by making the petals by cutting the paper. Then you cut a circle to serve as the center of the flower. Then you paste the petals to the center, arranging them from the small petals to the larger ones at the back.

After that, you glue the pipe cleaner to the center of the flower to act as the stem of the flower. Apply the perfume on the flower to make it fragrant. And voila, you have a flower.

You can make a bouquet of flowers just with these simple everyday materials. As a result, instead of giving a common gift, you have given a gift that has your own personal touch.

Knowing how to make craft gifts also allows you to give unexpected gifts even at those days that have no special significance, and at those days where you encounter bumps and hurdles in your relationship. So, starting to see the importance of these craft gift ideas?:)

For example, learn how to make origami, such as an angel, a flower, a crane, or even basic symbols and folds. Write a note of love and affection, or you can write a note telling that you're sorry if you had a fight or argument. Fold the note into origami and place it anywhere: on the pillow beside him or her, on the bathroom sink, inside his or her shoe, inside his or her bag, etc. This is a simple, yet a creative and moving way of displaying your love.

In the end, craft gift ideas can indeed save your life, because they aid you to express your love, affection, and appreciation in very simple yet creative ways that help strengthen and reinforce the relationships you share with those most dear to you.


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