Pipi Crazy Gifts give away contest!

If you have ever thought of giving:
"biggest diamond"
"largest house"
"most luxurious cruise"
"holiday around the world"

or something similar (almost unattainable and crazy gifts), this contest is for you.

All you need to do is to send us your details and write in your crazy gift ideas, i.e. "biggest penthouse in Singapore", "300 days round the world cruise", get it, any gifts you want to give you love one.

So, how do you win...well, all names would be scribbled on papers, put inside a huge container, then pour over my baby, the name she picked out wins...(you can trust her, she is not able to talk yet, so no one can play kelong and influence her!), it is going to be fair, draw would be make weekly.

All the best and hope you win!


Warning: Only join this contest if you want to win crazy gifts!

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