Creative Christmas Gifts are drawn…

One of the more creative Christmas gifts are paintings and drawings. No matter how advanced technology is, paintings and drawings remain one of the great Christmas gifts that you can give.

Furthermore, homemade Christmas gifts such as a drawing or a painting can be simple, but it holds a special significance to the one who receives it.

Here are a few homemade Christmas gift ideas that you can use while applying simple drawings and paintings to create very unique Christmas gifts.

The most popular handmade Christmas gift that uses drawings or paintings is a handmade greeting card. Basically, instead of buying one, you make one yourself.


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Fold a piece of cardboard in half; make your drawings and designs on the front, and then write down your heartfelt message inside. However, what’s great about this is that you have complete freedom and control on how you want the card to come out.

If you are skilled in drawing and painting, this is a gift that you should make since it draws from your talents. If not, even simple, yet decorative drawings will suffice.

Additionally, this is a gift that can be made by anyone. Therefore, if you have kids, tell them draw on handmade greeting cards as well for their teachers, classmates, friends, and relatives.

You can also apply drawing and painting to make romantic Christmas gifts as well. For instance, make a romantic love letter and draw along the borders.Draw roses with long stems that run along the borders. Add hearts along the borders as well. Roll it up and attach it to an arm of a stuffed toy, so that it will look like the stuffed toy is delivering your love letter.

The stuffed toy is not the gift itself, but the letter that carries your sincere and heartfelt message.

You can also use this idea to make creative Christmas gifts for children. For example, you can make coloring books. Trace their favorite cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob, the PowerPuff Girls, Totally Spies, among others, onto a sketch pad using a thick pen.

Finding images to trace is easy as you can find thousands of these images on the internet. You can give the sketchpad as for them to color.

No matter how simple these gifts are, these are still one of the most creative Christmas gifts. Imagine how the recipient would feel as they receive something that is completely thought of and made by you. Flattering, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you’re feeling the need to give creative Christmas gifts this year, feel free to use these suggestions. Let your imagination run wild, and let your creative juices flow as you make your gifts.


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