Creative Christmas Gifts

by Doug

I received some creative Christmas gifts last year, which I think were not expensive to make. But the best gift out of all of them came from a friend of mine, who is a wiz at fiddling with electronics. He gave me a homemade arcade stick out of a PS2 controller. I asked him how he did it, but he said was just cost him a few bucks to buy the arcade stick parts, such as the buttons and the stick assembly. What he basically did, to the best of my knowledge, was he soldered wires from the new parts into the control board of the PS2 controller. He also made the housing of the stick himself, out of some scrap wood he found in their garage. I wish I was good at electronics too. He made an arcade stick out of a few bucks, while it would cost me more than a hundred times more to buy one in a store.

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