Funky handmade gifts can be simple but creative to be cool

Most people would think that funky handmade gifts must be cool and sleek. In actual fact, would anyone loves to get a metal stub jacket or a hard rock band poster? They might be, but that is more of the minority.

Funky handmade gifts potential lies in the keyword -handmade, this shows sincerity and is very from corporate gifts with the agenda of making money from the gifts that they send out.

So for your gift ideas to be funky, it must touch the heart of your love ones, and be unique. Since, me Mr Pipi is starting the whole ezine pipilogy by giving you ebook on how to make origami, I would use that example.


A great way to get the person you love some keepsake gifts, is to rely heavily on the element of surprise. Now, supposed you bought a simple keepsake gifts like a bookmark or a hand phone strap.

If you just give to your love one, would they even remember it? Now, to make it into one of those funky handmade gifts, all you need to do is to hide it and ask her to find it.

Sure, your gifts are not handmade unique, but your process of giving is. First, if possible, hide the gift inside her house, at places with some visible clues, like inside some orange vase.

Then, using the technique learned in pipilogy, draw the "treasure map" then folded it into an origami that you can make easily. Placed the origami in places that is easy to see but forgettable.

You want to do that as after leaving your partner house, you want to ensure those few hours nobody would take away that origami.

Call him or her, and tell her about to check out the place where you put the origami (tip: easiest would be to place it beside some potted plants), then asked her to unfold and find that little treasure.

It does not need to be expensive, need not be far away, but your partner would definitely remember this particular funky handmade gifts...

So, how does one learn how to make origami? well, sign up for my pipilogy and start learning origami and more handmade gifts with each issues...

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