3 Simple Gift Basket Making Ideas

The "simple" in the gift basket making ideas is probably what attracts you, the fact is, it really is and I am going to show you how...

Buying my groceries one day, my attention was caught by the fruit baskets being sold at the fruits and vegetables section. It looked nice and thoughtful, I thought. Then it came to me, I can make those myself!

Musing at the thought of the project, I realized that a fruit basket was composed of a basket in which to contain the fruits, the fruits which is really the gift itself, wrappings and a tag.

Come to think of it, it was very elementary to assemble; all you really need is a little imagination and creativity. Much more, it gave me lot of gift basket making ideas.


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I like giving gifts, I really I have no problem with thinking of what to give to my friends and loved ones, what I find challenging is wrapping the gift.

I want it to be more creative than the usual box, gift wrap, ribbon and tag presentation. Thankfully, my fruit basket-at-the-grocery experience had given me the chance to think of other stuffs to use as containers for my gift basket making ideas. Here are a few gift basket making ideas I would like to share:



Of course, for a Tupperware the most common gift ideas would be mostly food items; cookies or brownies, salads, pasta with sauce, chips and dips, fried foods, etc. The receiver will surely appreciate the thoughtful and delicious gift and the free Tupperware which they can simply wash and use as they wish. A gift card with a thoughtful message on top of the lid is all you need to add and you’re ready to give it away.

Hamper Basket

You can buy this at a handicraft store or much better you can just look for an old hamper basket that’s been left unused for a long time (I’m sure there’s one lying around somewhere in the attic or basement).

Running out of ideas for wedding gifts? Fill the hamper basket with 2 bath towels, 4 hand towels, a couple of scented candles or packs of aromatherapy incense sticks, an assortment of soap, shampoo, bath gels or massage oils and you have a romantic gift perfect for the newly wed couple. An old baby bassinet can be used, too.

Paper boxes

There are lots of cheap yet pretty paper boxes for sale. If you want, you can make your own from old cardboards or buy a kit from a paper crafts store.

Gifts for Him ideas: necktie, handkerchief, pen, mug, cap

Gifts for Her ideas: accessories, bag, perfume, lotion

You can mix and match items to put inside the box and follow a theme like for the office rookie (necktie, pen) and pamper yourself (perfume, lotion).

Flowers and gifts can surely brighten up both the receiver and the giver’s day. Apart from the material present, the effort and thoughtfulness of the person giving the gift is something which is to be truly appreciated.


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