Meaningful Gift Ideas for Graduates

Not many people would bother with gift ideas for graduates, but I think it is meaningful. It is not easy to finish a few years in graduate school to get a degree. This is why it’s very important to give something to encourage your graduating friends and loved ones who are entering a new phase in their lives.

Coming up with gift ideas for graduates are pretty simple, but to make it meaningful, you have to be a little more creative. Here are a few ideas for graduates that you can use.

All college students have a circle of friends that help them cope and survive through the many adversities of college life. If you have a friend who is graduating, reward them with these simple but meaningful gifts.

Coming up with gift ideas for friends who are graduating is not that difficult. However, to make it truly meaningful, a bit of creative thinking is required.


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Most graduates will always be pleased about receiving money. However, don’t just give them an envelope with cash. So instead of using an envelope, why not add a creative twist and use a simple, yet meaningful greeting card. If you can find a card that has a beautiful message that is appropriate to the person, then you can use (I think this is one of the more common gift ideas for graduates).

If you want it to be more personal though, you can make a handmade greeting card. Even a simple design and sincere message can make it very meaningful. Instead of giving cash, you can give gift certificates or e-certificates, which are also great substitutes for cash.

Another gift idea for graduating friends is to give an inspirational book. There are a lot of good inspirational books that are great send-offs as they move to a new phase in their lives, such as Oh, the Places you will go, by Dr. Seuss, Do What You Are, by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger, and Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, among others.

Write a sincere congratulatory message inside the cover page so that they will always remember their triumphant journey through college whenever they flip through it.

When coming up with gift ideas for your girlfriend or boyfriend who is graduating, though, it has to be more romantic and special. It’s still pretty simple and straightforward, but in some cases, more creative thinking is required to give a truly memorable and meaningful gift.

For instance, a romantic picnic is a great gift as you both ponder on what will come from the horizon as you enter this new phase in your relationship. Think of a nice outdoor location where you can both enjoy a meal in private, such as in the park, or even in a memorable outdoor spot where you always hang out during their college years.

Another one of many gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend that you can use is to make a scrapbook, containing your memories from their college years. Collect all the pictures, love letters, movie and concert tickets, quiz and test results that they both failed and aced, and other memorable things that you can add into the scrapbook.

Add short funny and insightful comments about the items. For example, add a comment below a failed test that even though they experienced this slight hiccup in college, they were still able to make up for it and finish college in the end. It’s a great gift that will allow them to relive their forgotten and memorable college experiences. More importantly, this is a great reminder that if they can conquer college, they can do anything.

There are just a few gift ideas for graduates out of many that you can come up with and use to give meaningful gifts to your friends and loved ones who are graduating.


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