3 Gift Ideas for my Wife

Are you looking for "gift ideas for my wife"? Are you going to do it for an approaching occasion? Or do you want to rekindle the romance that you and your wife once shared in your marriage?

Do you want to surprise your wife with a memorable gift? Hopefully some of these stories and suggestions can help you think of some romantic gift ideas that you could use.

Highlighted below are the "gift ideas for my wife" of few other individuals. You might not be able to recreate everything, but I hope it would provide the catalyst for you to deliver that "unique gift idea for my wife".

“My wife is an elementary school teacher. For her birthday, I smuggled a specially printed card with her face on it into her class, with a little help from some of her colleagues in the school faculty.

Her students helped out in decorating it by coloring it and writing their birthday greetings. Then, we surprised her when she entered the classroom, and then we presented the card to her. She was so flattered and so happy that she was blushing the whole time.”


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In the example above, you can surprise your wife at work. Try to get her colleagues involved with the surprise so that your plans cannot be easily hindered. At the same time, their involvement can help you a lot with the preparations.

For this "gift ideas for my wife" the other teachers helped the husband deliver the card to the students for them to decorate. What’s also great about surprising your wife at work is that it is so unexpected and out of the blue that it will surely catch her off guard. The celebration was so simple, yet it was so meaningful and memorable.

“For our anniversary, I asked one of my friends who knew how to play the violin to help me surprise my wife with a romantic gift. I asked him to deliver flowers to her and to play our favorite song on the violin, so she’d know that it was from me. She was so awed by the whole experience that she realized that I had one romantic bone in my body after all.”

In this case, surprising your wife with a romantic gift is a great "gift ideas for my wife", especially if you’re not known to be romantic. Catch her off guard by surprising her with a bouquet of flowers, or serenading her with a romantic song.

“One Christmas, I had a special arrangement to reserve a Singaporean cable car for me and my wife. The plan was for me and my wife to have our Christmas dinner inside one of the cable cars. No one was doing it back then, so it was such a private affair and it was such a unique experience for both of us.”

In this particular instance, think how you can celebrate holidays in a different way. Having Christmas dinners in the house year by year becomes routine, and it loses its significance sometimes.

Therefore, it’s healthy to come up with different ways to celebrate so that it’s always special every year. Not only will it lead you to share new experiences each year, but it also helps keep your marriage from getting dull and monotonous.

There are so many ways to give memorable and romantic gifts. These three concrete examples of gift ideas will surely help you think of ways of giving great gifts to your wife.


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