3 Going Away Gift Ideas

Going away gift ideas are definitely required at one time or another. There are times when we have to part with friends or family members who are going away to another country.

Be it a permanent move or a long-term stay abroad we all would like to give a little something to them with which to remember what they’d be leaving behind without making them homesick.

To help us come up with going away gift ideas for those who are dear to us here are three things we need to take note of:

1. Give an item which is a constant of remembrance of your friendship. Such gifts will definitely require photos of the two of you together or with other friends smiling and having fun.


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It could be a simple framed picture or photo album, or get creative and give a scrap book or photo mosaic.

Pictures are a great reminder of the people who care for you and that they are always just a phone call, e-mail or computer chat away when one is feeling homesick

2. Going away gift ideas should also include items that are practical and useful. A CD player, a sweater, a PSP console are good choices for a guy friend or relative who is going out of the country.

It’s pretty much like picking a gift for him on his birthday or choosing a gift for men in general.

3. Give a cool gift to show your sentiment about your friend or relative going away. He or she might be going away to study abroad or pursue a better career so show them how proud you are and happy for your friend or relative.

Give away some fun stuff like a mock set of local dishes they would miss (plastic mold of Japanese food), or a wooden plaque which they could put on top of their desk with the message “Best Student in Town” or “Rookie of the Year” (whichever applies to the person).

It is sad that we have to say goodbye to our friends and relatives if they are to go away to another country. But that doesn’t mean that it all ends there.

There is so much technology around us to help us keep in touch and also there’s always the possibility that we ourselves would go away too and be with them someday.

Our going away gifts should be more of an encouragement to those who are going away making them feel that we support them and that no matter how far the distance between us the relationship still remains.

So do prepare an awesome going away gift for your friend or relative and send them off with a hearty “Bon Voyage” greeting.


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