3 Handmade Christmas Gifts That Is Good To Know.

Why should be handmade christmas gifts? Gift-giving during Christmas has become so easy thanks to the many shopping malls offering great discounts and bargains. You don’t even need to bother thinking what gifts to send anymore as the malls even offer a lot of commercialized gift ideas.

Though such unique Christmas gifts offered in malls may be convenient, it lacks that personal touch which makes gifts special. If you’ve got quite a long list of people to give gifts to it’s alright that you resort to the convenience offered by the shopping malls but do try to give handmade Christmas gifts to those who are dearest to you.

Handmade Christmas gifts are still the best option if you like to give your loved ones something which they can distinctly remember you by. Of course, handmade Christmas gifts takes time and requires effort and that’s exactly what makes them special and sincere in the first place; so here are 3 homemade Christmas gifts you can make that are not so difficult to build but still have that touch of sincerity.


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Teddy bear

To make your own teddy bear, you’ll need some cloth and stuffing (worn out stockings will do) to start with. If you have a teddy bear you can use it as a model in order to create the pattern for its different parts. Once you have the cloth cut according to the teddy bear parts, sew the pieces together leaving a 1-inch opening so you can put in the stuffing. Once filled, sew the opening to close. You can use buttons for the eyes. Use your creativity to make your teddy bear as cute and cuddly as can be.

Scrap book

Scrap booking is so much fun and once its finish it can provide lots of memories. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own scrap book. You can opt to use only flat items like paper and cloth or have it textured by putting buttons, strings, bead, charms, etc. It’s really up to you; you’re imagination will be the limit for this activity.


If you know how to be bake, Homemade Christmas treats like cakes and cookies would be nice gifts to send. Or maybe, you can cook a particular dish which you consider as your specialty and give it to your loved ones as gifts.

If the creative moment hasn’t passed yet and you have no more gifts left to make, you can come up with your own homemade Christmas decoration ideas instead. Make your own Christmas star or you can bake colorful cookies and hang them on the tree instead of buying Christmas balls.

No matter what you come up with to give your loved ones this Christmas they’ll surely appreciate that you took the time and effort to give them something which you personally made.


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