Handmade Christmas Gifts is a Ticket to Her Heart

Handmade christmas gifts does sounds a bit hard, isn't it? But, anything warms more than a handmade presents. Christmas is inching nearer, do you already know what to give to the girl, who you like?

If not, don't just go and grab the nearest teddy bear in the nearest mall just yet. Don't just give her the generic gifts, such as teddy bears and chocolates. Think about it for a second. How many times has she received teddy bears and chocolates in the past?

Remember the movie, Mr. Deeds? Remember the scene where Adam Sandler's character unexpectedly read Winona Ryder's character a poem from a greeting card that he made himself?

Adam Sandler's character was a billionaire in that movie. He could have bought her anything in the world, but his simple handmade greeting card was what won him her heart.

This applies to real life as well. The key to winning her heart is to give her a thoughtful and meaningful handmade Christmas gifts. Give her something unique and something unexpected, which she will remember for a long time.

As always, to get a good idea of what kind of handmade Christmas gift to give her, it is important to be very observant. When having a conversation with her, ask her a questions that will help you get an idea on what to give her. Listen carefully to what she says, and look carefully at what she does.

For instance, does she like to read books? What kinds of books? Maybe you can give her a book for Christmas, but that's not handmade gift at all. That's because it's not the 'main' gift that you're going to give her. You're going to make her a bookmark as well.

From here you can be creative. In fact, you have absolute freedom on how you want to design it. You can write either a humorous message, a line from her favorite song, or even a short message expressing how you feel for her.

Then, you can tape it inside the book, so she will discover it later on when she starts reading it. She will be surprised, obviously, because she won't be expecting to find anything in the book; and she will realize how much thought you put into making it.

Remember, don't fall into the worn out habit of just buying teddy bears, chocolates, or even jewelry. It's better to give her something unexpected, which you inferred from the conversations and experiences that you shared with her. I'm sure you've heard of the saying, “It's the thought that counts.” It's cliché, but it's true. A well thought out handmade Christmas gift is a good way to win her heart.


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