A good handmade gifts for men is a big hat!

Since we are at this section about handmade gifts for men, I thought I share with you what men really want. Sure, if you can get him the BMW or that Armani cuffs, they would love it, but underlying it all, they are just looking for a big hat.

Hmm...what do I meant by a big hat. Now, whatever men does is to make themselves look better (so are women and the rest of all), but men tend to place "face" very high in their priority.

So, a good handmade gifts for men must definitely take note of this aspect. Now, for the first issue pipilogy, we are learning to do origami (click on the link to join and learn many more handmade gifts in the coming issues), so I would use origami as an example.

Supposedly, after you learn how to make a paper lantern, it is not much of a use to him or even you if you would to give it like that. Now, here is how you should use the paper lantern to deliver the actual handmade gifts for him.


You probably know how many colleagues he has, make enough of that paper lantern and asked me to give it to all his colleague, saying that YOu, which is either his wife or girlfriend is learning to make. He would definitely do it, as it make him look good.

Now, this work best if the gift you have in mind for him is a good meal. Most restaurant in Singapore allows you to cook on the spot (especially Japanese ones, buzz pipi for more information), so you can prepare a meal and wait for him there.

**TIP: You might think that it is very "xiong" to do all the cooking, in actual fact, you can maybe help the chef to prepare part of the meal, and have him cook the rest...

The lanterns for each of his colleague would contain clues and hints and together they would point him to this particular handmade gifts for him, which is a homemade meal by you at restaurant in some part of Singapore!

After, they have all the lanterns, all you need to do is to send them each a sms and tell them your plan (alternatively you can also tell them before hand). Imagine the pleasant surprise this handmade gifts for men would be to your love one?

He would be surprised at the gift, pleased with the compliments being showered like "wow, your girl friend very good leh". "man, I wished my wife was that good" and of course he would be touched with you doing the cooking...

Sounds like a great idea, and you cannot wait to learn origami, so sign up with us and soon you would be a "paper craft expert" and more! Oh, it is free...

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