Giving Handmade Items is the Best Way to Say Sorry

Why? Because handmade items shows the most sincerity. When you have wronged a loved one, it is never easy to say sorry. However, saying sorry is the best way to repair the damage that you have caused in your relationship.

It is sometimes very difficult and embarrassing to say, “I'm sorry.” Moreover, sometimes buying a teddy bear, flowers, or a box of chocolates to express that you're sorry is cliché, impersonal, and insincere.

And it may seem that you're “buying forgiveness”, even though your intentions are pure. To overcome these challenges, here are a few tips to help you say that you're sorry.

Instead of buying a gift, why not give a handmade item instead? Making handmade items gives you a lot of freedom to express how you truly feel. And, it will never be seen as cliché, impersonal, and insincere since you made it with a lot of thought and effort.

One way to say that you're sorry is to express it in the form of a letter. Sometimes writing a letter allows you to express the words that you couldn't say verbally. One advantage of giving a letter is that your loved one can read it over and over again.

However, you shouldn't allow yourself to be limited to words in expressing yourself when writing a letter. Maybe you can add a short comic strip, relating how your guilt and remorse is affecting your everyday life.

You can probably add a little humor to your drawings, too. This is another advantage when writing a letter. You have complete freedom and it allows you to write, draw, and decorate it to fully express how you feel.

To deliver it, you can probably request a common friend or your loved one's family member. You can probably ask them to tuck it under your loved one's pillow, or to place it between the pages of a book or a magazine that is currently being read.

Then, your loved one will probably wonder how it got there in the first place, and will realize how much thought and trouble you went through to make it and deliver it.

As always, it is important to remember that not all apologies are accepted. Therefore, do not expect that just because you gave a handmade gift to express that you're sorry, that your loved one will forgive you for your wrongdoing.

However, do not be discouraged to apologize in the form of a handmade item. In fact, it is one of the best ways and a very sincere form of expressing that you're truly sorry.


A comic and a letter is not enough, you need more than that to say sorry! In that case, you have to sign up for pipilogy, the ezine that would teach you one new handmade gifts every issue.

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