Do you handmade mothers day gifts? You should...

This article about handmade mothers day gifts sits on the foundation of an article contributed by Ms Sally Shields. She is the author of the #1 bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules.

This is a great article on how to better relationship, with mother in laws and personally I think it applies to even our own mothers! Think back and recall when is the last time you gave any unique mothers day gifts.

I am not even talking about handmade mothers day gifts, but simply some personalized gifts, I doubt many readers would have done that. Thus, I believe even more people would have totally ignore to find gifts for their mother in laws.

Sure, simply by giving some handmade mothers day gifts would not immediately bring your relationship to a higher level, but it is a start. Should not say more, and let you enjoyed this article by Ms Sally:

The 5 Most Common Mistakes That Daughters-In-Law Make And How To Correct Them

Ladies! There are a few simple things you can avoid that will save you from repeat D.I.L.Z. (Daughter-in-Law Zings) that we all experience from time to time (some of us more than others!).

Mistake #1 -- Forget to Call Your Mother-in-Law Regularly -- I know it sounds like a harmless enough thing to do, but you will be amazed at how much she will appreciate it when you keep in touch with her, and not just when your husband calls! Strive to have an independent relationship with her, all on your own.

Solution: Call your Mother-in-Law! Call her at least once a week (pick a day, such as SUNDAY and mark it on your calendar so that you do not forget. You can also call her during the week if something comes up that she might appreciate hearing about, such as your child took her first step or said her first word. You can keep it short, but if you're super-busy, aim for getting her machine, like when you know she'll be at Bingo.


Mistake #2 -- Forget to Frequently Ask Your MIL How She's Feeling -- I know that asking someone how they are feeling seems like a cliche, but you must do this every time you see or speak to her.

Solution: Make sure you take the time to notice how much your MIL's back has been bothering her, and be extra helpful around the house at these times. Keep in mind that it's not easy getting older and aches and pains can make even the best of us ornery as all get go! And as an added touch, offer to accompany your MIL on doctors visits whenever possible. You will be amazed at how much she will appreciate that you took the time to care.

Mistake #3 -- Don't Compliment Her Often Enough --Your MIL can be self-conscious just like you are. And remember, you are younger and hipper than she is, but most importantly, you have her son! So, you must always remember to make her feel good around you.

Solution: Make sure you let her know how pretty, thin, healthy, and young she looks. Say what flattering outfits she's wearing, occasionally asking if you can borrow a certain item of clothing or a purse. Mention that you love her hairstyle, even if she's wearing a hairpiece (especially if she's wearing a hairpiece). In fact, go out and get yourself a hairpiece and you too will appreciate the benefits of "fake hair!"

Mistake #4 -- Forget Your MIL's Special Days, i.e. Birthday, Anniversary and Mother's Day --This sounds like a pretty common sense thing to do, right? You'd be surprised how life gets in the way and you can over look these things. You will be the one to feel terrible about it if your husband forgets as well. In fact, he will most likely forget so you will have to be the one to make sure this gets done, without fail!

Solution: On each of the occasions mentioned above, pick out a Hallmark card with the most heart-wrenching sentiments you can find (preferably about a week or two beforehand). Make sure your husband signs it too. Better yet, have him write the note from the both of you, because receiving a note with only your handwriting on it will make her feel incredibly disappointed thinking that her son has forgotten her special day (even if he probably has!) And be sure to call 1-800-FLOWERS well in advance. You want to make absolutely sure that those long-stem roses arrive on time--not three days after the fact --no no no!!!From Mr Pipi: The best is to avoid making this mistake, even if you do not handmade mothers day gifts, do at least remember and send her some small treats... handmade-mothers-day-gifts1

Mistake #5 -- Get Defensive with Your MIL -- This is the easiest mistake in the world to make with your MIL! But do yourself a favor and practice not taking things personally, and you will avoid fist-clenching frustration! If for example, you have misplaced an item such as some new teabags you've just bought, you may mumble something to the effect of, "Where the heck are those things? I just had them! They must have upped and walked away on their own!" You MIL may mistakenly think you are accusing her and pounce on you with a self-protective, "Don't look at ME, I didn't do it!"

Solution: Rather than rolling your eyes and glancing askew, uttering defensively, "Look, I didn't say YOU took them, did I?" simply reply breezily something to the effect of, "Oh, I'm just so forgetful these days! Just last week I found my keys in the fridge--I must be losing my mind!" Then take a deep breath, find your missing item and make yourself a nice cup of chamomile. And be sure to graciously offer your MIL a cup as well --but make sure you have her favorite tea bags on hand at all times.

To learn more on how to better relationship, visit Sally Shields site by clicking on her name. In her site, you would find advices, gifts and even music, and most important of all, many reason to handmade mothers day gifts and not simply find some gifts under $10.

As I mentioned earlier, the crust of a relationship does not rest on the uniqueness or price tag of the gift but the sincerity of the giver. That is the reason why I advocate the giving of handmade mothers day gifts, what can be more sincere than making your own unique mothers day gifts.

I would also like to add that the experience that accompanies the handmade mothers day gifts or any gifts are important, so arranging for a good environment is crucial to "touching" her.


Well, if you need more ideas on how to do handmade mothers day gifts, sign up with Pipilogy and learn a new skills every month, and by the next mothers day or that special occasions, you should be able to not only do handmade mothers day gifts, but unique gifts for many other occasions.

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