One Big Secret to Giving Good Handmade Presents

You might not have given any handmade presents, in fact you are already headaches looking for ready made gifts!

It is true, giving a gift to a loved one is sometimes a daunting task, especially if you have no idea what to give. And there are times when you do know what they want, but it's expensive or hard to get.

Well, sometimes the best gift to give is something that you can make. How about giving them something that comes from your heart?

Giving handmade presents is much more personal, and sometimes even the most expensive gift can be so impersonal that it fails to communicate how much you love and appreciate the person you're giving it to.

On top of that, those expensive gifts sometimes add to the clutter that they already have in their home. In other words, the best gifts are sometimes the ones that you made yourself.

Make them a greeting card. Or better yet, make a greeting card and write it in code, then have them decipher it. Or, you can make a Rosetta stone, a key that associates symbols to their corresponding letter in the alphabet, which will help them unravel your meaningful message.

Your gifts can also be intangible. If you are artistically gifted, why not sing them their favorite song? Or you can write them a song if you want.

You can even draw a comic strip, even if you have horrible drawing, relating your shared and treasured experiences and you can even add a twist with some humor in it. This is a great gift idea if you shared a very memorable experience together.

For your kids and nieces, instead of adding to their clutter of toys, why not give a simple handmade present that they can use to help keep things in order. Make a simple ball of play dough that they can use as a pencil holder. Or why not get your old glass carafes, paint them, and put some candy or treats in them?

Giving handmade presents is not only a way of saving some money when giving gifts, but it gives you a lot more freedom to communicate your love and appreciation for your loved ones.

You will be surprised that they will like your simple personalized presents more because they know the amount of love, effort, and care that you poured into making it.

So, what is the secret? Your sincerity is the reason why handmade gifts are more precious than any other gifts, lame? well, try it and when you see the smile on the face of your love ones, it might not be so then...


If you are still here, I can still that this article has yet to satisfy your desire to look for more handmade gifts for your love ones. That is the reason I created the pipilogy, sign up and learn one new handmade gifts skill in every issue!

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