Handmade Special Wedding Gifts

So, you’ve made the decision to give a handmade special wedding gifts. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but in reality, it’s quite simple and very fun to do.

It’s especially gratifying to give something really unique and something the newly weds will share and cherish for the rest of their married lives.

The one thing that all handmade special wedding gifts have in common is their ability to touch on the deepest positive feelings of the newly weds, whether it stems from their shared memories or from the love that they share for one another. Here are a few gift ideas for making special handmade wedding gifts.

Handmade special wedding gifts come in different shapes and sizes. They can be simple personalized gifts, or very distinct, extravagant, and unusual gifts. Let’s start with simple, yet unique gifts.


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Get a nice picture frame and have it personalized, one of the easiest handmade special wedding gifts. To be more specific, have it engraved with their family name, like The Smiths. Then, once they have their wedding pictures developed, they can put it in there.

And once they have children in the future, they can put their family picture there, as well. If you can get them a personalized multi-photo picture frame, then they can put pictures in there that show the progression of their family as the years go by.

This is a very simple yet becomes more and more special as their family grows as time passes by, and it will surely find a permanent spot in their home.

If you’ve been friends with the newly weds for a very long time, and if you have a lot of pictures with them that you’ve kept over the years, you can make a photomosaic of the couple.

A photomosaic is a picture that is comprised of a lot of smaller pictures. When viewed from far away, you can see the large photo. On closer inspection, though, you can see smaller individual photos that combine to create the big picture.

A photomosaic is done digitally on a computer with programs such as Mosaic Creator, ArcSoft PhotoMontage 2000, and Mazaika, among others. These programs are very intuitive and easy to use, and you will be able to make a great photomosaic as long as you have the sufficient number of pictures needed.

Therefore, make sure you scan the old pictures of the couple, too. A photomosaic usually comes out as big as a movie poster; therefore, it’s better to have it printed out in a photo studio and have it framed. It’s a simple handmade special wedding gift that wonderfully shows how all those past events shown in the pictures have culminated into their special union.

On the other hand, if you want to give them something that they can use on a daily basis, give them some day-to-day items that will gain a lot of sentimental value as time wears on.

For instance, for the bride, give her a customized charm necklace, which she can wear daily, or whenever she wears something casual. Let the charm necklace have three charms: a heart-shaped charm, and two large oval-shaped charms.

One is engraved with the date of their wedding, and the other is engraved with the name of her husband. Similarly, give the groom a pair of engraved dog tags similar to his wife’s charm necklace. Instead of a charm necklace or dog tags, you can also have this done on a pair of key chains that the newly weds can use for their house and car keys, which they bring with them everyday.

Since weddings are few and far between, and don’t happen as often as, let’s say birthdays for instance, you might want to give the couple something more exquisite, especially if you’re a close friend or a family member of the newly weds.

Some examples of exquisite wedding gifts would be a personalized gold or silver locket for the bride and a personalized vintage pocket watch for the groom.

It wouldn’t be wise to give such gifts as birthday gifts for they will probably cost quite a sum of money. But for a once in a lifetime occasion such as a wedding, these handmade special wedding gifts would be very appropriate and will be cherished by the newly weds for the rest of their lives.

Lockets usually contain two pictures that are very special to a woman’s heart; therefore, have it contain portraits of the wife and the groom. She can wear it everyday when she goes to work, or even when she wears something formal. Nevertheless, it is a very special gift that she can keep close to her heart whenever she puts it on.

Similarly, vintage pocket watches are a rarity these days, which makes them very special. Furthermore, a pocket watch can also contain a picture inside it, especially one that has a lid that protects the face of the watch.

Therefore, have it personalized by having the portrait of the bride inside the lid of the pocket watch. Whenever the groom checks the time, he can gaze upon the face of his special girl, with whom he shares a wonderful life-long relationship.

Exquisite gifts such as these are usually given during very special occasions, such as retirement gifts, corporate gifts, and other once in a lifetime occasions. A wedding is no exception. Therefore, if you’re willing to spend a bit more cash for the happy newly weds, it’s not such a bad idea and you’re free to do so.

Hopefully, some of these gift ideas will help you give unique and handmade special wedding gifts. Whether it’s a simple personalized picture frame or an exquisite gift for the newly weds, these are items that they will happily accept and cherish for the rest of their lives.

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