Handmade valentine gifts that is really DIY

This article on handmade valentine gifts is going to be different from the rest my handmade gifts series. Where I have been focusing on pipi gift ideas (cheap cheap), for valentine gifts, I would talk about slightly expensive gift...

I like the idea of handmade valentine gifts, because it is exclusive, that is the only one in the whole wide world. Then, I sympathized with the husband, those that have been married for many years, wouldn't they run out of ideas, so this is for you guys!

One of the most unique valentine gifts that husband can give to their wifey would be a walk on closet! Yes, you are not seeing things, I am going to encourage husbands to do this for their wife (the ladies deserves it).

No ladies would mind having a large space to keep all their things and can you imagine when you construct this right under their nose. The truth is, to have the surprise element is not easy for this valentines day gifts.


Do not fret, most of the assembling can be done within a day, you just need laser sharp measurement and very shrewed planning. I break it down into these three steps:

1. The size

This is the everything about this handmade valentine gift ideas. You need the measurement for the area, the measurement for the shelving, the measurement even for your door and even your lift to ensure that the installation pieces you purchased can enter right into the area.

2. The shelving

I am not Ikea, so I cannot advise you on the how and what about the shelving, but use your common sense. This is a handmade valentine gifts for your wife, so it must cater to her needs.

If she has a lot of shoes, do more shoe racks, if she has many skirts, then do more cloths rack. IKea has many professionals that would give advice readily.

I especially like to visit the Ikea at Tampines during weekday where it is not so crowded (so got more time to ask the staff).

3. The big picture

Now, that you got the size, had asked the professionals on what is suitable, pulling everything together is crucial. Remember, nothing beats the surprise element that you would deliver when you show her the build up walk in closet.

work out how much time you need, keep at least 30% for unexpected incidents. And, prepare more of everything, from shelves to fasteners and stuff.

Build it on a day that you are sure, you wife is out the whole day. Then, dress up, write a good card, and fix a ribbon on the door of your closet.

Imagine the surprise she would have when she comes home...

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