Homemade Christmas Gifts that you can play with

When we think of homemade Christmas gifts, food, crafts, greeting cards, and such are the first things that come to mind. However, there are also other homemade Christmas presents that you can make. For instance, you can make a game.

Instead of using regular board games and such, these are fun indoor games that are easy Christmas gifts to make, which you can use during family reunions on Christmas day itself. These handmade Christmas gifts will make sure that everyone in your household will have a great time.

Tag! You’re it!

We all know how to play this game. However, in this case, you have to stick something on the back of the person without their knowing. For instance, make a paper star.


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Cut the figure out of cardboard, and then you can color it gold and add gold glitters on it to make it stand out. Stick double sided tape on the back of it.

This game can go on for the whole day, as the objective of this game is to make sure that everyone should be tagged with the star by the end of the day.

Don’t worry if the star has been sticking on someone’s back for a long time. If there are kids around, their giggles and laughs will surely give that person a clue. This game get everyone involved, as the game requires a lot of tags and pats on the back.

Family Trivia Game

Make a simple trivia game that you can play during family reunions on Christmas Day. This is a great way to know your family history. Furthermore, you learn a lot about each other.

This game can be played in many ways. You could divide everyone in groups, such as girls versus boys, family versus family, etc.

To make this, write family trivia questions that only family members will know on index cards. For example, “In what year was Uncle John born,” and “What is Aunt Barbara’s maiden name?”

You can also use pictures to accompany some of your questions. For instance, you can use an old picture of an old family reunion and ask questions about it.

For example, “This picture was taken on March 5, 1995. Where was this picture taken? What was the occasion?” For really hard questions, make questions about your great grandparents, such as, “Great Grandpa Mike and Great Grandpa Mark were cousins. True or false?” or, “Who are Great Aunt Daisy’s kids?”

Make family reunions more fun by giving these simple homemade Christmas gifts. With these homemade Christmas gifts, you can be sure that everyone gets involved. More importantly, everybody gets to mingle with each other, and you get to learn a lot about each other.


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