Homemade Easter Gift Ideas by a Chinese

Yes, you can get homemade easter gift ideas from the Chinese! The most popular Easter symbol of the Western culture perhaps is the Easter egg. Children eagerly wait for Easter Sunday when they could participate in Easter egg hunts.

One would be delighted just seeing the kids search for the eggs as if they are a most treasured prize. Adults as well take part in the fun by giving away Easter eggs to friends and family members.

Usually, Easter eggs made of chocolate or Jello can be bought in stores ready to be given away. These treats are deliciously sweet and convenient for those who don’t have the time to make them their selves.

But for those who have the time or perhaps would like to save their money, simply read on as I have some homemade Easter gift ideas that might interest you.


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The homemade Easter gift ideas in this article incorporate the Chinese culture where eggs too hold significance. In fact, one of the creation stories from ancient China depicts that the world came from an egg of chaos.

Eggs for the Chinese, symbolize spring and fertility. They send them as gifts to celebrate joyful occasions like weddings, a birth in the family and the coming of spring.

This is how the Chinese do it: 1) they would use Jade and wood to carve the eggs; depicting a "dragon egg". 2) They would boil eggs in tea, drain them and paint them red.

My inspiration came from the tea-boiled eggs. I was thinking, instead of the usual Easter eggs made of sweets maybe I can make a gourmet basket full of savory Easter eggs.

All I need would be eggs and tea leaves (teabags may also do); put them in a pot filled with water and boil the eggs until they are cooked. The result would be hard boiled eggs with the delicious smell and taste of tea.

Surely, it would be a different kind of Easter eggs that everyone will love. Furthermore, I can boil batches of eggs in different tea leaves for an assortment of flavors. Of course, the eggs still need to be painted; this would be a fun activity much more when shared with others.

Homemade Easter gift ideas add a personal touch to the celebration of Easter making it unique and more special to those who will receive them.

The person giving the homemade Easter gifts can also find the experience much more exciting than just having to shop for ready-made gifts; not to mention, it does cost less.

You can also apply the same principles to Christmas baskets and Christmas gifts. It’s very easy if you can just take the time out to think of ideas and much better, think out of the box. Just like what I did; incorporating the Chinese culture to the Western. Because I believe that we are all connected; after all, we live in one world.


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