Rocky homemade gift ideas

Are you looking for some free homemade gift ideas? Then, you can consider using rocks. Using rocks to craft a gift can be a very interesting experience, for both the recipient and the giver. Everyone has their own set of goals or interests, have you ever considered making a gift using those talents?

For instance, one of the good homemade gift ideas is creating a gift using stones to form a picture of a loved one. The project may seem daunting but armed witha little know how it could be as easy as a few well thought out steps.

To undertake a task such as this the first step would be to decide on your subject. Family member, pet, loved one, take a pick and once decided take a picture of them.

Next gather your materials. Whether you get them from an craft shop or an aquarium ship make sure to gather as much material as you need before beginning to save yourself some trouble. I would suggest buying small pebbles from an aquarium shop. After gathering all the materials and supplies you need take the picture and take the new picture and enlarge it to A2 size setting and set it onto a hardboard.

From this point you can choose a place to begin, I would recommend beginning with the small details of the picture first, such as the eyes and mouth.

Using the correct stones for the right spots, slowly cover the picture in stones, making sure to color the stones appropriately to match the picture on the hardboard. Now, you have to admit that this is one of the "not so" difficult homemade gift ideas right?

Gradually you can use larger stones for the less detailed areas and continue to move on to the other areas of the picture. This type of project is a fun way to satisfy that urge to be creative, while giving a gift that someone will surely love. I would highly recommend creating a "rocky" homemade gift as a unique and exciting alternative to gift giving!


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