Homemade Valentine Gift Ideas that Melts the Heart

Homemade valentine gift ideas is sincere. Valentine’s Day is not about spending ludicrous amounts of money just to give traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.

This is why Valentine’s Day is seen as a very materialistic holiday. Every year, flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys fill every store.

Giving these traditional Valentine’s Day gifts every year becomes dangerously ritualistic and boring, showing that one is showing little to no effort to even come up with a gift that truly comes from the heart.

This year, resist the urge to buy a traditional Valentine’s gift. It’s easy to get lured into the habit of buying an expensive box of chocolates, flowers, and a stuffed toy.

However, it’s more gratifying and more satisfying to both you and your beloved when you give something that shows that you love and care enough to put a bit more effort into your Valentine’s gift.


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Therefore, take the time to think of homemade Valentine gift ideas that will show how you truly love your beloved. A gift, in which you took the time to put a little thought and effort into, is the most romantic Valentine’s gift that you can give.

Here are some homemade Valentine gift ideas, which will help and inspire you to come up with romantic Valentine’s gifts this year.

Always remember that there are so many homemade Valentine’s gift ideas that you can come up with, all it takes is a little inspiration and a little time to prepare.

A Romantic Meal

Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, prepare a romantic meal for your beloved. If you can cook and you haven’t cooked for your beloved before, this is the best time to make use of your cooking skills.

It does not have to be overly complicated; a simple and hearty meal will do fine. Decorate the meal with lit candles and a bouquet of flowers on the table.

If you can’t cook, you can still use this idea. Prepare a simple picnic in the living room. Place a soft mattress on the living room floor, and place lots of pillows and a blanket.

Dim the lights and light candles in the living room. Prepare some wine and some picnic food as well. If there’s a television set in the living room, you can watch a romantic movie while having a picnic, then you can cuddle while watching it once you have had your fill.

You can surprise your beloved with any of these ideas by making a trail of rose petals to the dining room or living room. When any luck, your beloved will follow the trail and will be pleasantly surprised with your romantic Valentine’s gift.

Valentine’s Treats

Similarly, instead of buying chocolates, you can bake treats yourself. This is a great idea in which you can apply your baking skills.

Bake simple treats, such as cookies, cupcakes, or candy. This is one of the most widely used Valentine’s gift ideas, but this never gets old.

This can even become an annual tradition. For instance, for this year you can bake cookies. For the next year, you can bake cupcakes, and so on.

If you can’t bake, you can resort to buying chocolates. However, you must add your own unique twist to it to make it truly romantic. For instance, buy chocolate kisses.

Put those in a container or a jar, which you can paint and decorate yourself. Attach a piece of paper to each piece of chocolate, and write short messages of love and affection for your beloved.

When you give it, tell your loved one to take only one piece of chocolate each day. Now make sure that you fill up the jar every chance you get.

Fill it up so that your loved one gets to eat a piece of chocolate once a day for the whole year, until the next Valentine’s Day, when you can repeat the whole cycle.

All these homemade valentine gift ideas are pretty simple, but simple Valentine’s gifts such as these show your love and affection.


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