Ideas for Low-Cost Gifts

by Ryan
(Quezon City)

My aunt makes the best chocolate rolls in the world.

Her recipe is a well-guarded secret, and even though she has a cook in her house, she insists on baking the chocolate roll herself since she does not to share her recipe with anyone, even to her relatives.

For special occasions, like Christmas, New Year's, and family reunions, she bakes a number of delicious chocolate rolls for the whole family, which is always a big hit every year.

When I want to bring a chocolate roll as a gift for my colleagues during office Christmas parties, I ask her to bake one for me.

All she asks in return is that I buy a bunch of chocolate bars which she will use to bake, depending on the number of chocolate rolls that I will require in the end.

Chocolate bars are not that expensive, and the end result from spending little money is a decadent and delicious treat that will most probably cost a lot more than what I spent to buy from a bake shop.

This is one of my ideas for low-cost gifts that I use every year.

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