July special gifts contest -have some hotdogs and baked beans from Pipi!

For those that are unaware, July is the month to celebrate hot dogs and baked beans, no joke -it is both hot dog and baked beans month. So, I thought the special gift for the month would be some monies to supermarket to get both these items!

The rules of the contest is simple. Tell people about us and be fast! We are giving away 10 sets of 10 dollars supermarket vouchers. Oh, and yes, since it is going to be supermarket voucher, not everyone can participate -it is limited to Singapore, the closing date is on Singapore National day -know which day is that?:)

Here are the rules:

1. You see the box below, you need to filled in your particulars (so that we can mailed you the vouchers when you successfully take part in this contest and qualified.

2. The easiest way for people to get to know us, is through our ezine. So, the 10 folks that before the closing dates, recommend to us the most friends (i.e. signed up with out ezines) wins!

3. You would first tell them that you are going to send in their names for recommendation to join an ezine -Pipilogy.

4. Once they agreed, you would compile and send the list to us.

5. We would then emailed to them seeking their permission, and once they signed up with pipilogy, you are deem successful. Send to us in this format: xxx@abc.com, mr xyz. yyy@hij.com, ms xyz...

6. The 10 folks that has the most sign ups would be consider successful and of course the winner

7. The 10 people with most names signed up with pipilogy would get all the vouchers, (i.e. while, I think it is difficult to win with 1 name, I think you would do fine with 10-20 names).

8. We would post the contributor that recommends the highest number of sign-up to our ezine so that you know roughly how many you need to win.

**Wow, getting 10-20 names is very tough leh! Sure, it is not easy if it is some useless newsletter that sell and sell. Pipilogy, we give and give.

Our newsletter is the main conduit where folks in the future would know about our contest, join and win special gifts. Even if you do not join our contest, we would give you a free ebook/ecourse with every issue on how to do handmade gifts for your love ones. This is an ezine packed to the brim with value!

9. That is all to the rules. so, do not wait, start talking, emailing, tweeting and buzzing to your friends.


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