Kids Birthday Gifts that are Memorable

What kids birthday gifts do we usually give? For one, toys are the most appropriate gift to give, primarily because these are what they appreciate the most.

But once the child reaches a certain age which they can easily remember once they grow up, isn’t it more appropriate to give them a memorable experience for their birthday?

For once, give your child a memorable gift once they reach the age of 6, for instance. Forget about giving toys for the meantime; give them a memorable experience that they can look back on. Here are a few suggestions on what kind of birthday gifts can give your kids memorable experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Instead of giving kids birthday gifts such as toys and books, take them to a special place where they can have a special experience.


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Kids love animals. They are fascinated by them. Therefore, take them to the zoo. If your child has an interest towards particular animals, make it a point that they would be able to view them when they are most active.

For instance, lions are usually inactive during the hottest parts of the day. During these times, they take naps. It might be a huge letdown for the child if they only saw sleeping lions.

Try to make it a point to view them while they’re being fed, or during latter hours of the afternoon, when they are more active. Therefore, take your child to a place where they can see their favorite animals whether it’s in a zoo, an aquarium, even mechanical dinosaur exhibits or museums that display dinosaur fossils.

Seeing wild animals in the flesh is a very memorable experience for a child. This is why bringing kids to the zoo is a great birthday gift for them.

Kids love the beach. Whether it’s the idea of wading on the water or building sandcastles, it’s very appealing to them, especially after the advent of SpongeBob Squarepants, the most popular cartoon today.

Therefore, take them to the beach. It’s also one of the best places where they can learn to swim, since it’s easier to float on sea water. Build sandcastles with them. Let them bury you under the sand and make a fin out of the sand covering your legs and feet to make you look like a mermaid.

If they’re willing, do the same to them. Play with their imagination by bringing along their SpongeBob toys. Use a pail for Plankton’s house, a shell for Patrick’s house, and a pineapple for SpongeBob’s house.

Make up a story with them, or play out one of their favorite SpongeBob episodes. There are so many fun things to do on the beach, and it will be a very memorable experience for them.

To recap, once they reach the appropriate age, which they can remember when they grow up; give your kids memorable birthday gifts by bringing them to a special place. These memorable experiences will become one of their most precious memories that they can look back on for the rest of their lives, it would be some really special kids birthday gifts don't you agree?

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