Good kids personalized gifts Must Have Their Hero In It

Kids personalized gifts are great if you are looking for gift ideas for kids for birthdays or special occasions. It's not always a good idea to keep buying toys for kids.

Giving toys, especially to kids who already have a lot of them, just adds to the clutter that they have in their homes. Giving art materials or educational materials like books, crayons, sketching pads, might not be a good idea, too; because let's face it: they'd rather prefer to receive toys more than anything. So how can we overcome this?

Getting some kids personalized gifts would normally lead to them shrugging it off. The key is to personalize gifts with something they truly love.

It has always been a fact that children love cartoons. They can't get enough of it. If they had their way, they would be watching cartoons all day.


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We usually see children, especially the imaginative ones, play like they're one of the characters they see on television. A great gift idea for kids personalized gifts is to give them something that has a photo of them with their favorite cartoon character, whether its SpongeBob, the Transformers, Ben-10, the Powerpuff Girls, etc.

You can start by planning ahead and choose which cartoon character is going to be with the child in the final picture. Then you can start to take a picture or pictures of the child.

It's better if you can take a picture of the child taking a pose that will go well with the cartoon character. If you have any skill with any photo editing program, you can edit the final picture or pictures yourself. If not, there are photo editing services that can do it for you.

Now that you have a picture or a set of pictures of the child with their favorite cartoon character, what can you make with it?

You can make a calendar. You can make a calendar with pictures of the child with different cartoon characters for each month of the year; or you can make it with a picture of the child with only one cartoon character for the whole year.

It's up to you how to design the calendar, either you can make a theme for it (like a SpongeBob theme if the pictures contain the child and SpongeBob), or just add nice decorations around the borders.

You can also have the picture printed on a t-shirt. There are various services that can do this for you. You have the picture iron-on transferred to the t-shirt. You can have it air painted as well.

You can also make a poster that they can hang in their room. Depending on the size of the poster, you can either print this yourself, or send the file of the picture (jpeg, gif, tga, etc.) to a professional printing service.

By giving these kids personalized gifts that have something they loke, we are able to give them something, aside from toys, what they can truly appreciate. There's nothing better in this world than seeing a child's eyes light up when they open a gift.


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