Making the Nativity Set

Before making the Nativity Set, you will need to identify the characters and prominent objects in the Nativity Story:

• Mary• Joseph• Baby Jesus in a manger• 2 to 4 shepherds• Three Kings• Some sheep and cows• An Angel• A star

Now the next step is deciding what materials to use to make the Nativity Set.

For one, you can use wood. Take ½ inch thick wood. Trace an outline of the character on the wood. And then, saw the outline of the character using a power tool like a scroll saw, which will allow you to cut the wood easily along the outline.

If you’re afraid to use power tools in fear of cutting off your fingers, it would be a good idea to ask someone to do the sawing for you. For instance, ask your husband, a friend, or someone in the family with some experience handling a scroll saw. After the wood has been cut along the outlines of the character, scrub the rough edges with sand paper to smooth the wood down and to remove all the splinters.


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Once the wood is smooth, all that’s left is to draw the details on the wood and color it with paint or some colored permanent pens. You can draw round faces, make dots as eyes, and color the rest of the body. Remember, during those times, people used to wear long robes, which makes it easier to draw and color. You can pick one color for each character’s robe, so they can all be distinct from one another.

You could give this wooden Nativity Set to your kids as their own keepsake, which they can keep and display every year in their room. Also, don’t forget to tell the story to them using the wooden characters as a very creative way of sharing the Nativity Story with them.

Alternatively, you can make the Nativity Set out of marzipan. Marzipan is a sweet and edible mixture of almond paste and sugar and a wet substance such as corn syrup, water, or egg whites. Marzipan is very pliable mixture, which you can form into various shapes and figures. With enough marzipan and food coloring, you can mold it into the characters, animals, and objects of the Nativity Set.

To make marzipan, mix a two to one ratio of almond paste and sugar. While mixing, slowly add corn syrup, water, or egg whites until the mixture starts to have a dough-like consistency. Once the mixture becomes too sticky, sprinkle some powdered sugar into it just like you would sprinkle some flour into dough.

Molding marzipan is like molding clay. Therefore, if you think your kids will have fun molding it into the characters of the Nativity Story, ask them to help you out. While doing it, you can share the story with them, so that they can have a clearer understanding about what Christmas is all about.

Making the Nativity Set out of marzipan can become an annual Christmas tradition in your home, which will become a very tasty treat for your kids. Furthermore, you can also give it to the children of your friends and family members as well.


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