Common Mens Birthday Gifts

Is there much to talk about mens birthday gifts? well, this article came about because some folks are asking me what birthday gifts are commonly received by men.

Since we’ve been tackling subjects about giving unique birthday gifts so far, here are a few examples of common mens birthday gifts.

Clothes are probably the most popular gifts for men. Shirts and pairs of pants are not only easy to shop for, but men don’t shop for clothes as often as women do. As such, if you see a shirt that you know he will really like, it’s often a good idea to give it to him as a birthday gift.

Another common birthday gift for men would be books. Men generally like to read books, too. Graphic novels appeal to a lot of men, too. The movie, 300, for example, was very popular among men.


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Did you know that the movie, 300, is actually based on a graphic novel? Therefore, find out if he reads books and graphic novels. Find out who his favorite authors and artists are. From there, you can decide what book or graphic novel will make a great birthday gift for him.

Gadgets are another popular mens birthday gift that’s commonly given nowadays. Actually, gadgets such as mobile phones and mp3 players appeal to both men and women.

These gadgets have become somewhat a necessity in this day and age. Therefore, if he is planning to own a new mobile phone or mp3 player someday, why not give one as a birthday gift?

Sports merchandise is also commonly given to men as birthday gifts. Men love to watch sports. Men love to support their favorite teams and athletes.

Therefore, for his birthday, why not treat him to a football game? How about buying him a kit of his favorite football player?

If you can really afford it, buy him a ticket to a Formula 1 Grand Prix, if he loves to watch Formula 1. How about giving him a McLaren Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault, or Brawn GP baseball cap or jacket?

Find out what he loves to watch. Found out who his favorite athletes are. From there, decide on what kind of sports merchandise will best suit the role as a fitting mens birthday gift for him.

For those of you who are living in a foreign country, or are planning to give a gift to someone who lives by a different culture, some gifts that would seem very acceptable to you might not be as acceptable to him.

Let’s be more concrete. In the Western World, giving shoes is a decent idea as mens birthday gifts; however, in Chinese Culture, giving shoes as gifts to men brings bad luck.

If you give a man a pair of shoes, he will tend to run away. Thus, giving a pair shoes is not really a great idea, especially if you’re living in a country or area that has a strong grasp on Chinese Culture, or if you’re planning to give it to someone who lives by Chinese traditions.

Another object that would seem acceptable in the Western World to give as a gift is a wrist watch. However, in Chinese Culture, giving watches as gifts brings bad luck.

In Mandarin, the word watch sounds a lot like the word funeral. Therefore, it’s not such a good idea to give a ‘funeral’ for as a birthday gift.

Yes, giving a common gift is easy, but there are times when a bit more thought is required, especially in these instances when traditions clash. Therefore, keep this in mind when shopping for a gift.


Nay, handmade gifts are not the presents for mens birthday gifts. Then again, isn't it nice to be able to make something off the cuff just like that?

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