Use odd gifts to make impression and save money

Again, this odd gifts article is meant for guys looking to increase their chance of having more dates, this is an extension from the unusual gifts article.

But, odd gifts do not really add value to your relationship and it has only two elements that can be used early in a relationship -surprise and fun.

In the initial phrase of your relationship when the lady still do not know you, those elements are life savers to ensure the continuity of your relationship.

Okay, so what must these strange gifts possess. It can be any unique gifts (I would use corn dog and broccoli bendable later), it can even be gifts under $10, but it must fulfilled this three factors:


-It must tell a story

-It must create a strong call to action

-It must be memorable

For example, I have prepared a set of corn dog and broccoli toys (take a look at the picture), they are as crazy as any odd gifts can be. Trust me, no girls would expect first meeting gift to be these.

Without a good story, girls would just think you are a super cheap skate! Well, these strange gifts cost just under $10.

I would give this set of toys to the lady just after dinner. When she opens, she would have a super puzzled look. I would go on and tell her that I want to give her something that can better my chance of asking her out again.

Flowers cannot help me, I also cannot find any talking toys that can convey this message. Then, I saw this set of toys that remind me of food in a funny way.

So, I hope they can remind you of food and of course to have another meal date with me!

Simple message that shows that tells a story, definitely a strong call to action, and I can guarantee you that no other gifts the lady received would be as memorable. Oh, did I mentioned that this unique experience would only cost you $10, actually less than that.

You get the idea right? Feel free to use this odd gifts example, if you need more ideas, simply buzz mr pipi and see what he can come out just for you...

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