Personalized Children s Gifts

Usually, one would not go for personalized children s gifts. Because, children are easy to please when it comes to giving gifts. Whether it’s a Christening present or birthday presents, the first thing that comes to our minds is to give toys.

Kids love toys, and it’s also the kind of gift that they always appreciate. However, it’s a better idea to give something that does not add to the clutter in the child’s room.

What other things can we give aside from toys? Why not give great personalized children s gifts in the form of tasty treats?

Treats are another thing that children are very fond of. Therefore, one of the many unique gifts that you can give is to bake sweets.

For instance, you can make marzipan candies and cupcakes. These are very simple, yet unique gifts that you can design and personalize as you see fit.


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More importantly, children would love it. Therefore, here are a couple of personalized children s gifts that you can make by yourself in the form of marzipan candy and cupcakes.

Marzipan Candy

One great personalized children s gifts is to make them figurines that can be eaten. So, here we recommend using marzipan.

Marzipan is a very pliable, edible and very delicious to eat since it’s very sweet. It’s a sugar and almond paste used to decorate cakes or sculpted into various shapes and eaten as candy.

Essentially, marzipan is a mixture of almond paste, powdered sugar, and a wet substance such as water, egg whites, or corn syrup. When mixed together, they form a soft and pliable mixture that can be cut, rolled, and molded into various shapes.

Marzipan can be bought in many baking shops, candy stores, and grocery stores. If you want to make your own marzipan, you will just need to mix a two to one ratio of almond paste and sugar.

Slowly add corn syrup until the mixture starts to have a dough-like consistency. Once the mixture becomes too sticky, just use some powdered sugar, like you would use flour when making dough when the dough becomes sticky.

With some food dye or food coloring, you can make marzipan candy into whatever shapes you want, making it very easy to turn into personalized gifts for children.

As a start, why not spell out the child’s name in marzipan candy? Not only would it be a very delicious gift, but it would be very fun to eat as well.

The child would be spelling out their name by the time they finish eating it. You could also mold the marzipan into shapes and figures that the child has a particular fondness for (this is what we meant by personalized children s gifts, everything about them...)

For example, mold the marzipan into the child’s favorite animals or cartoon characters. Molding marzipan is like molding clay. Therefore, you can literally turn marzipan into any shapes that you want.


One of my favorite personalized children s gifts are cupcakes. Cupcakes are easy to prepare as well. In fact, anybody can bake cupcakes since there is such a thing as a cupcake mix. Cupcake mix can be bought from bake shops and grocery stores everywhere.

Regardless whether you don’t have any experience with baking, with cupcake mix, you can easily prepare the batter for the cupcakes as easy as 123. Once you have baked the batter, all that’s left is the icing.

Cover the top of each cupcake smoothly with a layer of icing. Let it sit for a few minutes, then take a spatula and dab it with warm water. With the spatula, run it smoothly on the layer of icing. Once the icing has set, it will become a nice and flat surface to work with and decorate.

To decorate the cupcake, you can use various sweets that the child loves. For example, use candy sprinkles, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, among others.

For instance, you can make a happy face by using yellow colored icing and some M&M’s. As another example, if the child loves to watch the Disney Channel, you can use round chocolates and candies to make Hidden Mickeys on the surface of the cupcake.

Marzipan Candy and Cupcake Cake

Another great idea for making personalized children s gifts is to combine marzipan and cupcakes to make a cupcake cake. For this, you will just need to lay out the cupcakes on a cake board so they form the overall shape you want the cake to be in.

You don’t have to form a rectangle with the cupcakes; in fact, you can other shapes such as a circle or a triangle or a star. Also, don’t forget to dab the bottom of each cupcake with icing.

The icing acts as glue so that the bottom of each cupcake is firmly secured to the cake board, keeping them all in place. Once you have the cupcakes in place, use some icing and marzipan to hold and cover all the cupcakes and to decorate the whole cake.

Unlike decorating one cupcake, decorating a cupcake cake gives you a bigger surface to play with. With some candy sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolates, different colored icing, and some marzipan, you can decorate the cake in any way you want, which the child will appreciate.

Cupcake cakes make excellent gifts during parties, especially children’s parties. It’s very easy to serve to children and all the kids are guaranteed an equal share since the kids just pick off one cupcake each. Furthermore, the child can share it with their friends, parents, and relatives.


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