Help for Personalized Christmas Gifts

I’ve already written quite a number of articles regarding how to make personalized Christmas gifts, but it is just now that I realize no matter how easy the projects I suggest or how helpful the tips I give, some people just really don’t have the time at all to do it themselves.

Well, if you are one those people, don’t be disheartened, the best solution to this dilemma is to outsource someone who can make the personalized Christmas gifts for you.

This way, you can still give personalized presents to your loved ones even if you didn’t make it yourself.

Outsourcing does have its convenience but it can also cause you headache if you don’t manage it well.

These are the things to you need to take care of yourself when outsourcing for someone to make your personalized Christmas gifts:


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1. Decide on what item you want to personalize, i.e. make a dress, teddy bear, cards etc.

You can’t just hire someone and simply tell them that you need a gift made for your girlfriend or mom or whomever.

Remember, you’re only outsourcing for someone to construct the personalized Christmas gift for you, not to come up with the ideas.

Most of all, you’re the only person who can best tell what gift item to give to your loved one.

2. Write a brief on your idea, if you can draw, it is even better.

Get as detailed as you can possibly be in your description. Dimensions, colors, materials, etc, such information will make it easy for the person you hired to make the gift for you.

Also, an illustration of what you want to have made will also be helpful in providing a visual guide.

3. Look for an authority figure in the particular craft, i.e. bear makers, seamstress etc.

The more skilled the person you hire, the better they can construct your handmade Christmas gifts according to your specifications.

Just a piece of advice, it is better to look for someone with great skills but is just starting to build up a clientele in the craft or is not very popular; someone who is considered a celebrity in their own field may also charge like one.

4. Give a long lead time and allowance for alterations and changes.

Have the gift item made in advance depending on the difficulty level of construction and also to give time for additional instructions or alterations.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is collect the gift, wrap it up nicely and send it to your loved ones. Your family and friends will surely love the unique Christmas gifts you prepared for them.

Even though you didn’t made the gifts yourself the idea was yours and after all, it’s the thought that counts.


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