Personalized gifts for children must be cool!

It is not easy to do personalized gifts for children and usually parents failed miserably. This is because parents are thinking of giving kids personalized gifts with their own thoughts!

Generally, when parents do personalized gifts for children, it is meant for birthday parties. And they failed or they think they did a lousy job because the kids are non-nonchalant or they straight out do not like these personalized gift ideas.

The first situation occurs because the kids are too young to even know what the parents have done. For them, they just want to open the presents!

On the second situation, the parents failed to know what the kids want. Children are very impressionable, you might think that Barney or High School musical is in rage and go on to surprise them with a theme party filled with personalized gifts for kids (this link highlight how to DIY thematic goodie bags).

But, they might be wanting to do a magician theme party, a dinosaur theme party after reading some books on it, or after attending one of their friends theme party.

Follow these rules and you would be the hero in your kids eye!

Rule number one

Never decide on any personalized gift ideas without consulting your kids. While, this might mean not having any surprise element, kids are happier being able to decide their own party than anything else!

Rule number two

Respect the wish of your child. Even if the personalized gifts for children that he has planned are outrageous, you have to go forward with it.

It might be a frog in the bag or a few lizards to go with the chocolates, do note that this is part of their growing up and they would be the center of focus for having parents that are so cool.

The only thing you want is for them to be happy when planning a party, so for that special day, be it personalized birthday gifts or personalized christmas gifts, give it to them!

Rule number three

Hey, this is a kids party you are planning, where got so many rules! If you follow the first two rules to a T, you child would be thrilled and you for those few days would be the coolest mum and dad on earth! So, relaxed and join the fun, you being there is already a great gift to the child...:)


After learning more about personalized gifts for children, you want to be even cooler? Kids loves adults that can make gifts off the cuff, and I might be able to help you with that! Pipilogy is an ezine that is all about handmade gifts, it teaches how to DIY one gift every issue, so check it out!

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