Always wanted the "biggest", "largest", "prettiest" gift for your love one? Now, you can...

Pipi crazy gift package is where you can find big diamonds, luxurious cruise and even round the world trip if you so want...

You wanted to buy the biggest diamond for your love one, maybe even bring her for a round the world cruise, everything is possible, but there is only one problem -vitamin M! Money, you do not want to spend half your fortune on it!

Now, with our crazy gift package, you can give:

"biggest diamond"
"largest house"
"most luxurious cruise"
"holiday around the world"

...all for a mere $99.

Here is how this works:

0. Assuming, a certain Mr Heng always wanted to buy "the biggest diamond in Singapore" to his Mrs Heng.

1. When Mr Heng decided he wants to buy "the biggest diamond in Singapore" for Mrs Heng, he comes to us.

2. We sell to Mr Heng "the biggest diamond in Singapore" package that includes:

-a customized card that would give Mrs Heng "the biggest diamond in Singapore"

-A customized Box that contains the "biggest diamond in Singapore" package

-An experience that is bigger than even the "biggest diamond in Singapore"

3. So, what is inside this "the biggest diamond in Singapore" package?

a. Mrs Heng would received a card written by Mr Heng, in it, she would be told to google "the biggest diamond in Singapore" (this card is customized to Mr Heng requirement with help by our illustrators).

b. Our team of IT experts would then ensure that when Mrs Heng type "the biggest diamond in Singapore", a message by Mr Heng would pop up in Google! And it would take Mrs Heng to a page.

c. This page would be written by Mr Heng, aka love letter. it would also contain clues and retrieval of the actual gift in the customized box, which could be hidden anywhere, such as the 4th tree from the 6th lamp post in East Coast car park B or simply at home under Mrs Heng pillow (in this case, it is entirely up to Mr Heng, and in your case -up to you!)

NOte: On that page, Mr Heng can also get Mrs Heng friends or fans to write their well wishes and post pictures etc.

d. Mr Heng would of course be waiting for Mrs Heng at the spot, then they would run to each other with arms wide spread, hair flying all around, hugged tightly...oh sorry, got carried away, I think you get the point.

This package does not includes the gift (we could source for you though), or the dining (that could be arranged too). The GIFT is that page, that "biggest diamond in Singapore" that you have purchased.

With this package, you can "give" anything to your love one, it is only limited by your imagination. Can you even think of a better gift than that? Until we come out with a better gift, I doubt so...

Hmm...why is there no button to purchase? This is because, although it states $99, currently we are only offering to fans and followers of Mr Pipi, so you can:
Buzz us
Join our contest
Be Mr Pipi fans
Follow Mr Pipi
and you might get this package free of charge.


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