Need quick handmade gifts to save your "skin"?

I would not say that quick handmade gifts are for the insincere, I would choose the term, forgetful. With so many things cramped into a single day, at times you would tend to forget that special day...

And there are plenty of special days around, i.e. first time hold hands, first time watch movie day, first time see parents, you get the drift, special occasions, are countless.

In an emergency, and you are in front of her, chances are even if you got some great corporate gifts, you do not have time to reach for it. That is why, I always say guys must be prepared!

I am going to show you some gifts unique in its own way and the gifts unusual because it is handmade. of course, the quick handmade gifts are also cheap, cheaper than those gifts under $10.

Simply follow these instructions would not enable you to find gifts yet, they merely show you how to do an origami flamingo.


As I, Mr Pipi mentioned frequently, it is the entire package that delivers the message. Making a flamingo on the spot, merely show that you are good in art and craft!

But, if you write a short note, describing how your Missy is like a flamingo, so elegant and graceful and more important, like the letter you wrote, her inner beauty is even more alluring.

Do not give it to her but place it here to her (like hide it behind some flowers or plants), then when she see you empty handed, and is slightly disappointed, direct her to this paper flamingo then ask her to "dissect" this bird.

This would not give her the idea that it is some quick handmade gifts, the uniqueness of this experience would meant that you took effort to make, to write and to hide the gift.

No worries, you can use the idea wholesale. Learn to make this flamingo by heart, you never know when you would need to use it. However, do note that this quick handmade gifts idea is a silver bullet, you can only use it once...

**This is just one of the many origami that you would learn to make, join me in Pipilogy to learn how to make many more such origami gifts...

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